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newbie on day 3

Hi all a newbie here on day 3 and omg i,m pulling my hair out here,i did actually give up 10 years ago but started again about 7 years ago,still kicking myself,at the moment i,m managing with the inhalator but have an appointment with the nurse tomoz as im thinking about trying the patches instead.Feeling very lightheaded and sicky infact i think i have every withdrawal sympton out there,but i feel strong and determind not to smoke,been spending a lot of the day wondering round like a lost sheep trying to escape from the urge to smoke, hope to get to know you all shaz

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Hi Shaz

Welcome congrats on your quit day three is a hard one for some, You will have great support on here and they are a good bunch of people here to help. xxx


Hi Shaz,

your doing great if you have gone three days without a fag!!!

Well done:D

Have a look at and read the sites

If you still have trouble try your doctor and ask for Champix, it worked for me:D

Good luck



lol Mojo,yes made me laugh as well,reading it like that,well day 4 now and have to see the practice nurse in an hr,i can,t make up my mind weather to change to the patches or not,i,m sitting here with the inhalator sticking out of my mouth,i think i,m using it more for comfort than any thing else shaz


The dreaded day 3


Day three was particularly hard for me also, but I knuckled down and drank loads of juice and water and walked about like a jombie. Keep at it it gets easier honest, each day is different keep posting to us and we will try to talk you through it.

Good luck and see ya in room 4.


Maybe it is worth switichin NRT, them inhalators look as though they will re-enforce the act of smoking (if that makes sense).

I agree with mojo about the inhalator. I've been using one together with lozenges and I'm going to drop it cos it's too much like smoking.


Yes i agree,i felt like i was still smoking in a way so have now changed to patches shaz


Mojo yes your right,i have the patch on now,but i keep wanting to take a puff of my inhalator,which i,m not,i,m trying to keep myself busy while i get used to the patches, shaz


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