No Smoking Day

Hi i am a newbie

Hi everyone,

thought id post in and say hello and not just linger in the background lol

I just got back from the doctors, he said i need to stop smoking NOW. Hmm i knew and i know i need to give it up. My father died 4 weeks ago, lung cancer and emphicemia (spelling?) i watched him struggle for months, each day getting worse. Finally he choked to death. It was horrific.

So i have continued to smoke as usual since which i know make me a complete %%**^%%. My lungs are awful and i need to do this for me as well as my children. I dont ever want them to see me die the way my dad did.

I am 26, smoke through bordom and anxiety. Where do i start? I panic everytime i think 'ok this is my last one' :mad:

I would love to hear from all of you and become an 'ex smoker!'

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Pick A date to stop.Pick a method.

Cold turkey



There are others but I can not remember them.

You have done the right thing in your decesion to stop,it only gets harder to to the longer you smoke..

Pick a day to stop,maybe go to a doctor to have yourself checked out and discuss your quit.

Try to quit wwhen you dont have a lot of stressfull things going on in your life,but dont wait long.

Well welcome to the forum and I wish you all the courage to do the right thing..:)


Thanks dubbs :)

I was thinking of quiting once my packet of tobacco runs out, but i think i will make tomorrow my day to stop :confused: i cant stand the thought waiting for a huge build up of giving up, if i am gonna do it then i will just be done with it tomorrow. Its staying off it thats going to do my head inn, but i guess id rather live with that than having a serious illness.

Hmm think i will go and buy some coloring in books lol :D something to do if its raining (which it is :()


From what I gather it seems like it rains alot over there....

When you quit tomorrow....Drink alot of water and baby yourself all day.

Keep on posting here and you will get loads of good info...:D


You can do it..


Like the rest say get a quit day if you haven't already. Pick a method each of us are different with our quits, so choose whatever suits you. I wish you all the best of luck and keep posting you will be amazed how many of us can identify with your ilks.

Sorry to hear about your dad.

Good luck



I'm completely different. I didn;t choose a quit day, I just stopped because I finished a pack and really couldn't be bothered going to the shop just 2 buy fags, so I stopped.

That was 3 weeks ago, and I haven't had a puff since!! I used NRT through the gum. I only used it when things were really tough and when I was really stressed.

However, I have stopped using them (last monday) and so far there hasn't been any mood swings are anything.

If you want to use NRT, then I would suggest the gum - people say it tastes disgusting, but I think it helps you to understand t don't need the fact that you dont need a cigarette.

You can do it Saphy - go 4 it!!!!:D


Thank you all for your encouraging support :) think i am going to like it here afterall.

At the moment i think 'yeah, this will be easy' (dillusion lol) but i know it really because i am smoking now.

However i cant wait to be free from the death stick.


That's the sttitude you need Saphy.

The reality is though Saphy, it isn't going to be easy. Every person is different but as the saying goes 'no pain, no gain'

if you see yourself wanting a cigarette, just come in here and post something, coz by the time you have done that your craving has gone!!

Also, what I found great was to use a straw instead of a cigarette - it helped and i was inhaling clean air instead of 4000 chemicals!!

You can do it Saphy, we are all backin u up :)

Good Luck


I agree with most of the advice but be sure you are ready to quit Saphy.

Its not an easy road but when you are sure, its such a worthwhile one. :D

It is a mind set, a battle of wills with yourself so you need to be ready and strong for the challenge.

As you know, you are making a great decision and you will find plenty of support and advice here.

Download a free quitmeter as it charts your progress in many ways. They are a great incentive when you see how many you haven't smoked and how much money you have saved, mine's below!!

My name is Gary.

I have stopped nicotine for 7 months, 10 days, 8 hours, 27 minutes and 27 seconds (223 days).

I've not smoked 6701 cigarettes, and saved £1,859.67.

I've saved 23 days, 6 hours and 22 minutes of my life.


Hi Saphy

I will echo what the others have said. If your head is in the rigfht place it can actually be quite easy to stop but your head should be in the right place to halp mak it easy.

One of the things most people on here agree is that the more you know about quitting and about what to expect, the easier it is to quit. One way to find out is to read as much as you can about quitting, the effects and how to prevent a relapse.

The website has a HUGE amount of great information on quitting as well as some great videos for each day of your quit. Read as much as you can on there and you will be prepared for when you quit.

Also keep on posting on here and you will get great support.

My signature below has a link to whyquit as well as some other great sites.

Good Luck


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