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No Smoking Day
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not far off 3 weeks

well its startin to get easy having my 3rd good day in a row thats not happened before :) my lads buzzin even said summat bout me not stressin as much which makes it all worth while im lovin been a non smoker n loving not smelling of fags or having a house stink of fags n stale smoke had all my soft furnishings down n washed them even my settees lol i smell good the house smells good and its fantastic well worth all the hard workn so far, i know theres more hard work to come but for know everythings great thanks for the support:D

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Thats great,Im glad it is getting easier for you so soon in your quit.It took

me 5months before I felt like it was worth it to stop.:eek:

Have a nice smokefree weekend....:)


Hi Suzy, sorry i posted in another room, thought you had'nt stoped yet:o

Sorry and well done on nearly 3 weeks:D

It will keep getting better and better, but keep your guard up! old nic can strike when you leased expect:eek:

Keep it simple, one day at a time.



old nic

believe me mark old nic will not get hold of me again, i went to the drs the other day and my lungs are that of a 65 year old im only 28 old nic is going no where near me AGAIN im totally done with them sticks, im aware about stayin on my guard as i have quit before n started again after 4 weeks but this time round i have done my cold turkey so no way am i lettin myself down after all the work determination, sweat tears and everyhting else ive gone threw in the past 2 n half weeks. last time i quit i used patches n didnt suffer at all believe me this time i have suffured n i aint going threw that for nothing, besides if i even think abut smokin again i think my 9 year old will have something to stay about it. im still goung to me group i aint stopping going there i still need help im just totally determined this time, last time i was ready i am know. non smoker for life thats me



Well done Suzy

Sooooooooooooo really pleased your finding it so easy hope things carry on as they are for you. Yes it is nice to have a fresh smelling house went to a friend of mine a few weeks ago OMG it stunk. HEHE didnt tell her of course. xxx


spoke to soon

well for the first time in nearly 3 days im craving for a fag, its not that bad really on lasted a few minutes gfor the first 10 days a craving seemed to last for hours, its weird having cravings and having with drawal symtoms when i ain had any for days but im sure it will pass soon. will keep you posted.



Hey suzy,I used to drink a big glass of water when it hit me like that.Then it was gone....:eek:


will try that

cheers think i will give that a try next time but it wasnt that bad riding that one out, the others was awful but that craving was kinder ok compared to the others.


its mad

i put a thing on here last night about my lungs bin 65 thought i would get lots of fed back from it AND have a loads of ppl read it i got fed bk from 2 people n 8 ppl read it yet wen i put summat daft i get loads of fed bk y is this? dont get me wrong i appreacaite the fed bk it helps its just weird not having anyway when it comes to imporatant stuff



no ones still had a neb i was hopin that some people will go get them selves checked out or use it as in insentive or summat maybe they might n just not have said ought, oh well cheers anyway mojo


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