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The Gum NRT

Hi everyone

I am new on here. I am 31, was smoking a solid 20 – 30 cigarettes for 12 years.

It has been over 2 weeks now since my last cigarette using the gum and i feel addicted to the gum now (I wonder if it’s because I am still using a NRT)

I have used patches then Zyban before but never lasted that long

The cravings are getting easier but constantly thinking about the cigarettes(Like now LOL)

I wondered if them thoughts would ever go and how long it would take ???

Is it helpful if i stop the gum at this stage and hoe easy is it to give up the gum??



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Personally I have never made it past the 4 week mark using NRT, but although many people hate the idea of NRT, I think it has it's uses. Particularly in getting out of the habit of smoking, and dealing with the triggers. NRT is supposed to be a minimum of 12 weeks treatment so don't be in too much of a hurry to stop it. You're still in a very vulnerable part of your quit so in my opinion, I think you should stick with if for now. Anything as long as you're not smoking right?!?

Other more experienced people here may be able to offer more suitable advice, but if I was in your shoes I would go with things as they are for now.

On a less serious note, how the hell have you managed with the gum for this long? My stop smoking advisor got us all to take some home the other day and I found it minging!!! It was the fruity one as well.


It was a bit discuasting the first day but I am loving the gum now, you just get addicted to the taste, am not using the Fruity one by the way LoL



im on a stop smoking cause abd someone is one there because they got addicted to the gum, why dont u try n use normal gum when u want the gum, n nrt gum when u want a fag

personnaly i went cold turkey cos either way u got to do the nictotine withdrawal thing n u aint going threwe ity if ur usin nrt but the choice is urs


Hi there,

First off congrats on the 1st 2 weeks.

I'm using lozenges and on day 22. I too was concerned that I had just shifted my nicotine addiction from one delivery method to another. From what I can gather there is about a 1 in 20 chance of doing so, in other words 95% of people don't. While smoking I often used lozenges if I was going to be in an environment where I couldn't smoke for a long period, such as long journeys or days out with the kids as I didn't like to smoke around them.

My usage of the lozenges has changes during my quit. In the 1st 5 days it was about 10, then dropped back to 6 or 7 by day 14 and now its 3 or 4. This has not been an entirely concious decision I just haven't needed one and when I have wanted one I just say, give it half an hour and then have 1 or have an airwave gum instead. It was about 1pm by the time I had my 1st one today.

I have 37 left and when they are gone I don't intend buying more.

I wouldn't want to be reliant long term on any NRT but its not the nicotine in fags that's the BIG problem its the tar and other crap. So its better (or rather less bad) to be an NRT addict than an smoker

BTW I have tried gum in the past and agreed with others that tastes like sh##e. I like the Nicotinell and Boots NicAssist lozenges but hate the nicorette ones. I guess its just like fags, you finds a brand you like and stick with it.





i was worried sbout moving on from one to another n swappin my addiction thats y i only used the inhalator when absolutely necessary, even then i hated using it i decided to go cold tirkey as i was really concerned about gettin addicted the the nrt.


Still keeping strong, Cravings are getting rare but there is the urge to smoke every now and then. I have red a lot about giving up smoking and that ONE PUFF, that's the only thing keeping me going, I am feeling that my life becoming boring though (please correct me if Iam wrong)

I have been quit for 2 Weeks, 6 Days, 19 hours, 1 minute and 57 seconds (20 days). I have saved £120.84 by not smoking 519 cigarettes. I have saved 1 Day, 19 hours and 15 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 25/07/2008 02:09



I think most of us go through that stage of feeling boring. Its because we smoked when we had nothing to do so now we dont know what to do!!!!!:confused:

That will pass. Are you keeping busy?? I feel like im speeding sometimes i cant sit still:eek:


There seems to be quite a few NRT quitters on here at the moment but some of you are questioning the use of NRT as a quit method.

First i would like to state that, although i am not an advocate of NRT, if it helps YOU then great, a quits a quit (as long as its permanent!)

If you are questioning your NRT use, maybe its time for you to read Allen Carr's Easyway!!!!!!! :eek:

I am NOT spamming, however i know that for some people on here ,that book has made quitting a VERY easy process with almost NO serious withdrawal pangs.

I have been a great advocate of whyquit etc for some time now but think that lately i have forgotten that it was "Easyway" which got me over the first few, normally very difficult, days with ease and i actually used whyquit to help reinforce my quit.

For those who haven't read it. i think you may just find it a revelation.

Give it a try!!!!! ;):D


Hi Med77ben.

I've been using NRT gum since i quit on 10/4. I have had previous quits using the gum, but have slipped up and gone back on the ciggies - always after people have commented that you can become addicted to the gum!

I use the fruit gum and not the mint because its the only one i can stand, and i cant stand normal gum. I found that you know when to change the strength of the gum - when it starts to make you feel sick. I changed from 4mg to 2mg about a month ago, and use about 5 a day now. I know some people dont like NRT but for me I would rather be using NRT than smoking. I also believe that this time my quit WILL be for good and i will know when to quit the gum.

The trick with the gum, is not to have the gum when you want a ciggy. sounds silly but if you do, you associate the gum with cigs. wait until the craving has passed then have the gum. so for example- dont have the gum after meals, wait half an hour then have it, i use the gum at times i wouldn't normally smoke - like walking the dog, or in the shower !!

hope this helps xx


You can get addicted to the gum, I did.

I had stopped smoking for two years,but still used the gum.

I eventually started smoking again.

I was at work went for a cig,when I got back to my work station, I had to have a piece of nrt gum.


Hi Guys

I just want to update you! Still keeping tight, It is getting a lot easier now. Iam on the 2mg Gum, finishing my current pack and not buying anymore nrt.

e have to face it one day or another, i think i will be OK though.

Nearly a month now

I have been quit for 3 Weeks, 3 Days, 11 hours, 5 minutes and 24 seconds (24 days). I have saved £142.17 by not smoking 611 cigarettes. I have saved 2 Days, 2 hours and 55 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 25/07/2008 02:09


Thats great I hope coming off the gum is not to hard for you....



I certainly would not smoke and use NRT though.... :eek:

Thats what I thought the official line was, although I'm sure I've seen adverts suggesting using the inhalator as a kind of reduction method while smoking.

I did use lozenges while I smoked to have a day or part of a day off the fags here and there, while travelling or out with the family.

I think it must be a no no to smoke with a patch but it never caused me a problem substituting some of the ciggs I would have had with a "dose" of nicotine through NRT.


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