No Smoking Day

still smoke free

well im on day 17 not far from the 3 week mark, still going strong, you wont here so much from me at the mo cos my pc has broken ma mates been gud n brung me a laptop round for me to use, lets hope i can get my pc up n running by sunday. im startin to have good days now, not stressin as much did have a few days where i thought i might cave in but i kept going strong n never touched the old smelly stick, still not using the nrt to think im gonna get rid of it now. will keep u posted as much as i can without havin a pc, i can check whats been posted with ,a mobile thou. well done to all thats succeedin n tose that are struggling, keep in there i now its hard but it does get easier.

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Hi Suzy

Lovely to hear from you and so pleased your quit is sailing along so good. Its a nightmare when your off line I know mine went down a few week ago. Hopfully you will be ok on sunday if yours is fixed. 17 days is great your well over the worse now well done. Keep up the good work Linda xxxx


thanx linda

hopefully i will be if not can always get a friend to bring a laptop round for me to use 3/4 times a week the forum wont get rid of me lol. the hard times are gettin lots easier but i have been warned to keep ma guard up and becareful so will be followin that advice.



too rite

too rite, ive had more support using this forum then anywhere else, my lil sister keeps telllin me to smoke cos ive been stressy, my sons been great he would rather havin a mummy thats stressy for a few days then a mum that stinks of fags n is puttin her health at risk. when i wont a fag i come on here or go on msn have a good nag n im fine lol, i get to let out ma frustration, it keeps ma hands busy to, chat to new people and possibly make some new friends in the process its great.


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