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Back on Line

Hi Guy's,

Finally got the new P.C. on line. What a pain in the butt?

The old P.C. failed the daytona durability test, I smashed the damed thing with a hammer for around 10 minutes, very satisfying:D

Anyway I digress. Just downloaded a newQuit Keeper, Hey its gone:mad:

It Said 140 days today and just under £500 saved:)

Almost pay for this puter lol

Hope your all still on track. Will be back on later.

Off to find a vista compatible quit keeper!!!


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140 days today,Man thats great ,keep it up.


Nice to see you back Mark. I40 days that fab congrats. xxx


your Going great Mark

Keep it up.

Well done and glad to see you back.

*hands over a whyquit leaflet*:D


Hi John

Where you been ? Hope alls well in your smoke free world Did you enjoy your hols. xxx