3 weeks smoke free

Hi all,

Over 21 days since my last ciggy, no blips and no feeling that I've lost anything, other than a bad smell ;)

Off for a week on Saturday, camping with the wife and kids. Life is good.

Nic Firth - Free and Healing for Twenty One Days, 11 Hours and 28 Minutes, while extending my life expectancy 1 Day and 8 Hours, by avoiding the use of 387 nicotine delivery devices that would have cost me £92.87.

All the best


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  • 21 days Congrats on that and have a good camping trip.....:D

  • well done

    Well Done Nic,

    3 weeks - man thats great. I will be at the stage on monday :eek: can't believe how fast the time has gone eh!!

    iv not had a nicorette for 3 days so that means that the nicotine is out my body now:D

    I'm on track lol and it looks like u r too.

    Keep it up m8y:)

  • well done!

    3weeks is brill.....................keep it up! :)

  • Well done Nic

    Three weeks is fab on to week four soon be into month two. Have a good week camping hope the weather is good for you. xxxx

  • Congrats Nic

    Keep up the good work. Stay strong.



  • Great work Nic...................enjoy your break and lets hope it doesn't p**s down :D

  • Congratulations!! Well done!

  • Well done Nic, 3 weeks is a great feeling.

    You will soon be 1 month and that is a wonderfull milestone to reach.

    Keep it up!

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