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Hi all, my name is Lita, i am 22 years old and i had my last cigarette august 4th at 5pm.

I am switching between being absolutely fine and dandy then i'm wanting to kill the closest person (unfortunately for my OH!!). I am being extremely moody and argumentative and now my OH is sleeping in my stepkids room cos i keep picking on him. I am finding it hard cos i am going cold turkey and feel that my OH is not supporting me properly, i scream i want a fag he says well have one then!!!

Thanks for listening:D

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Well if you haven't already tried this; Give him a hug when your in a fine and dandy moment and tell him you could do with some more support as you are suffering.

If that doesn't work, you've gotta tough it out on your own. Which is what I am doing.

I've failed several times and my wife (who is perfect in every way;)) managed to give up in one attempt about 9 years ago. When I quit 1st time she was supportive but I don't think she ever forgave me for failing to stay quit. As such she offers me no encouragement and there is little tolerance of me being moody. I take myself off on my own if I'm getting pissy rather than getting into a row, which would itself leave me wanting a ciggy more.

What you need to do is stay strong and hang in there, after a few days it does get easier.

Best of luck, you can do it.



My OH is giving up aswell but unfortunatly he smoked all monday night and most of the day yesterday when i hadnt had one since 5pm on monday. It was his idea we gave up together so where is the support?????


Foul mood


Dont despair I was in the same frame of mind yesterday morning at work, read my Foul Mood thread in week 3, hopefully that will cheer you up as it did me.

All the symptoms of stopping smoking manifester themselves in each of us in different way, but stay strong and good luck.


My wife smokes around me and did from the very begining of my quit.

She has said she wants to quit for the last 8 months but has not yet.

I am quitting no matter what,yes support would be nice but I will not give in

either way.Good luck with it and have a nice smoke free day....


Welcome Lita

Congrats on your quit there are some good and some bad points to a couple quitting together and as time gose on you can give each other support. But the first week is the worse week and I think you both need to get past it the best way you can. Im quitting with my OH I know he as had a few blips but thats not my buissness. I like to come on here he dont like to speak about the quit at all. Stick with us we will give you lots of support. So keep posting. xxxx


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