No Smoking Day

Help, Panic

After nearly 6 months of being quit I have hit a problem.

I am sitting writing this with a cigarette and lighter in front of me.

The problem I have is that I quit smoking to be healthy and happier and have more money to spend, however I feel I have achieved nothing, let me explain:

In terms of health I have gained over 20kgs in weight, definitely not healthy, I can't stop eating, I've tried everything to lose weight and I know that If I start to smoke again I can use cigs to replace eating this has worked in the past.

My mental health has detriorated as I now look in the mirror at just see this horrid fat girl staring back.

As a result of the above I am certainly not happier, and last night I nearly considered taking my own life - not just cause of weight issues, also because I suffer from a condition called gender dysphoria, but when I was a smoker I found smoking helped to reduce depression.

I am no better financially as all of the money I have saved is spent on food, and currently I should be around £1000 better off but cant account for anything.

I really don't want to put any one off thinking of quitting, as my circumstances are fairly unique, but I am struggling and given the choice betweeen suicide and smoking again I feel I have no choice.

Please help.

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You've come this far you can;t allow yourself to fail now, I failed today after my day 3 of quitting of something similar at whats going on with you except too early the reason was I had constipation and I had eaten prunes and even a laxative and I couldnt go to the bathroom... therefore i thought i would gain weight in the long run and I smoke a cig today to be able to go to the bathroom but I am starting to quit again from day 1 since tomorrow.

Through today i read things u can do to avoid gaining weight or even avoid constipation. So U need to calm down and look at yourself in the mirror that is not a fat girl take another look that is a person with an amzing will power not many people have, and you should be proud cause you have it.

Despire your weight u can get thin again how:

1. Eat as you were eating when u were smoking, dont change your eating habits keep eating small I know you will feel hungry at times but think of it this way: you will be eating exactly what u need to eat despite a hunger feeling for the first few days.

3. start walking or running 15 minutes a day then increase as you begin to feel better and more active.

4. If you have constipation problems you can buy magnesia milk at any store drink 2 to 3 table spoons a day ( do not do this if you ahve kidney problems and do not do it longer than one week) if problems persist eat prunes, drink coffee and green tea also try to eat a lot of red pepper.. all these make you stomach work faster just like it did with cigarrettes.

Do not fall for a cigarrette please I know maybe i will gain weight as you did but I do not care I have been fat and I lost it if i get fat i can loose it again and so can you and without the cigarrette.

Loosing weight takes time dont be desperate you'll start seeing changes if you follow this like in 2 weeks.

Also stay out of junk food or food that has a lot of sodium (cause makes you retain liquids) eat healthy vegetables carrots, things like that eat them as much as you want they ahve the lowest caloric rate, if you still feel hungry after u have ahd lunch or dinner eat vegetables to fill yourself up.

Good luck dont be depressed smile cause you ahve achieved a lot, you are beutiful and you should be proud!!

I hope you can read this before taking that puff!!!



In addition to this before any meal you might wanna try to drink 1 glass of pure water if it is really cold water even better cause that makes your stomach work faster, after you ahve had the glass of water eat your whole meal (plate) then if you still feel hungry drink another glass of cold pure water.


the first glass will make your stomach fill up a little so you will need less food to be satisfied.

The second glass will help what you just ate transit faster through the stomach.

And if you still feel hungry after this eat vegetables or salad.


Hi Izzy,

Rather than offer anything as I and I believe the others here are not in a position to do so, I would suggest getting yourself to the doctors for help and support.

I truly believe your issues are bigger than this forum.

I do wish you the best and hopefully you can resolve your problems. :)


Hope you got the help you needed.Good luck to you.


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