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Back again

Hi everyone. It's good to see a few familiar names still here.

Well, I'm trying again. Got all my stuff sorted out with ex and little one, and now have full custody of him! I've been building up to giving it another go for a few weeks, and then 2 days ago my son told me he wanted me to stop smoking cos he didn't want me 'to get dead'. Gawd, how guilty did I feel?!?

So, here I am at day 2, using a support group that has been set up at work, and getting free NRT from work too! I'm feeling pretty positive so far with no desperate cravings. Here's to what is hopefully my last attempt at quitting.

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hey welcome back!

glad you got things sorted , and now you have your little one...great!!

now you cant go back..................your a ex smoker!! :D


Welcome back Dave. With an incentive like your littlun you can't go wrong. All the best, you know where to come when you need some extra support and a few laughs.:D


Hi dave

good to see you back and in such a positive frame of mind

I am sure it will work for you this time.


Welcome dave with your son putting to you like that,you should do ok.

Keep it up .You can do it...:)


Welcome home Dave. Congrats on your new quit. xxxxxxxxx


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