Many questions :)

Ok so, I am on day 4 today and it wasnt hard to make it until now. Cause I have been having a serie of problems with my body and thats not very nice, first case scenario: I cant go to the bathroom I havent gone to the bathroom in 3 days, I already had prune juice and a laxative and.. nothing so I feel with a huge belly that isnt nice, I wanna know if this is normal and what can i expect or do about it??

Second: I am starting to get real bad cravings I thought the first day would be the worse but it seems like I was wrong.. I found a mini electronic cigarrette in the net and I was highly considering to buy it but I dont know if it will do me any good supposedly u can smoke like a regular smoke expect it has no toxic things and u smoke vapor and it comes with nicotine cartridges but anyway i bet u all know this already.

I really wanna smoke today sooo bad u have no idea, i dont know how I am gong to manage to keep myself from it cause i am just dying to have a coffee and a cig.

Anyway on the other hand i have noticed with these days many nice things also going on wiht my body, I was a heavy smoker a 1 pack a day smoker and maybe thats why this changes are soo quick with justa few days but I have noticed my eye bags are starting to dissappear, my skin feels softer, and the overall look of my skin is healthier.

I also notice I have much more energy thn before that takes me longer to consume, I have been excersising to get rid of these hyperactivness and it is quiet nice.

ANd well thats it, just going through the hevay craving problems and through the I cant go to the bathroom thing (I am really starting to feel upset about this last one).

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  • OH MY GODDD!!! grrrrr *pulls hairs out*

    I am finding it sooo damn hard to make it through todayyyyy!! GRRRRRR and it is still morning here in Mexico!! :mad:

  • you will find a lot of things change in your body and the bathroom dept is one of them.............drink loads of water, cranberry and tomato juice are good.

    hang in here..............your body has to get used to not having loads of crap in it :p its a mini detox !!

    your doing great :)

  • Stay strong you CAN do it and it will get better.

  • thank you people *slams head on work desk* I am relaly not very good today ahahhahaa OHHHHHH JEZUZUZUZUUZZUUZZ GRRRRR hahaha ok

    relax relaX "GOOSFRABAHHHHH ..!!!! Goosfrabahhhhhhhh" Got to stay focused.

    By the way how long does this mini detox process takes???

    I mena how long until the drug is really our of my system?

  • Ok I am reading that to like detox the brain ti takes aorund 72 hrs like for the neurotransmiters to be clean and those are the toughest 72 hours of quitting smoking but then I have another question: this weekend I continiously inhaled (breathed) the cigarrete from a person wuell not continously but several times could this have triggered tlike a re-detoxication? cause I got intoxicated from breahting it?

  • i dont think so, it was prob a tiny amount but your body needs to clear out years of crap from the dont be in a hurry wont happen overnight.

    keep drinking and eating all the good stuff (no junk)

  • What the hell this is depressing:

    It bascily says we only ahve a 10% chance of quitting smoking in the first 6 months? WHAT! :confused:

    Jezuz I dont know what the hell I'm doing today I dont feel good.. what if I just re-start next week with quitting smoking and now really try to be smoke free not next to smokers or...

    WHy am i even thinking about this! its been so hard i cant even believe myself..why would i even consider taking a puff.. ****!

    sorry *minds tongue* :(

  • I am sorry people I shouldnt be here posting this stuff that is just not nice for you to read as you are aslo in the process fo quitting smoking, I am jsut going to shut up now and take whagtever it comes. BBL whit whatever news.

  • What the hell this is depressing:

    It bascily says we only ahve a 10% chance of quitting smoking in the first 6 months? WHAT! :confused:

    Jezuz I dont know what the hell I'm doing today I dont feel good.. what if I just re-start next week with quitting smoking and now really try to be smoke free not next to smokers or...

    WHy am i even thinking about this! its been so hard i cant even believe myself..why would i even consider taking a puff.. ****!

    sorry *minds tongue* :(

    what good is re starting gonna do? thats just silly............youve come this far ........hang in there .........keep busy, go for a walk, take deep breathes!!!

    im in the 10% you can be aswell !!

  • I am sorry about myself cause I just demostrated myself how stupid I can be and how strong the addiction really is and that the only way to really stop is avoid it by any chanc eno matter what and no matter the feeling.. I fell off the wagon and I really wanna do this I still want to do this, I am really desperate and under lots of stress at work this week for all that is coming. I have no excuse for what i just did, and I just want to share this with you this big dissappointment so maybe u guys can bring something good through it to not fall for the same thing and in such a stupid way..

    I am depressed and I dotn even feel like picking me up right now I set a new date to restart from day 1 cause i realize i got to have my head focused and be able to control my feelings as I was beautifly DOING!!! until now!

    I am going to re-start on friday 8 why friday 8? why not tomorrow? simple: friday is the last day of work and the alst day of this stress week having the weekend ahead will help mme be more active in the things i love to do and distracted from eveything else as i was doing this weekend.. excpet this tiem id o inted to make it.

    The days i have ahead I am going to be reading more and informing myself more of the damage and of ways I can prevent.. falling again and of course being able to go to the bathroom which was my main trigger for this failure cause I had just lost 4 pounds in a diet and my fear was to gain them again as i was not being able to go to the bathroom.

    Ill stick around cause reading what you have to say and hwat you are going thrugh helps me a lot to do better in my next try.

  • we have all been where you dont worry.

    read as much as you can find about quitting , the good parts and the rough parts that will come to you during your quit, it does help and gets you mentally prepared for the big day.

    theres only you can decide when the times right.......see you back here when your ready :)

  • Ty people really ty a lot. It would really help if someone could pass on some links on which sort of food or drinks can help me go to the bathroom, I am trying to look for something on the net but I dont find anything in dept like that really describes the feeling i had and I find things about sugar and stuff but I do not beleive my sugar levels were wrong I wasnt veyr hungry wither i just couldnt go to the bathroom..

    by the way Jude this sounds like it happened to you... right? after how long were you abel to go to the bathroom normaly?

  • Oh wow guys i realized there are many things i hadnt read and i should have to know what to expect physicly :S I think i wont wait until friday I think I will start again tomorrow, if anyone is suffering constipation from smoking withdrawal this might be helpful:

    Cigarettes: Cigarette smoke contains over 150 poisonous gases, one of which is nicotine — a very powerful stimulant that is highly addictive. Why mention cigarettes here? Because smoking contributes to indigestion or heartburn by increasing the amount of acid produced in the stomach and decreasing the amount of bicarbonate produced by the pancreas. This bicarbonate is essential to neutralize stomach acid. Consequently, smokers are more prone to gastric and duodenal ulcers than are nonsmokers. Smoking also accelerates gastric emptying and intestinal motility.


    Herbal treatments. For occasional relief of constipation, take a tablespoon of goldenseal, buckthorn bark, flaxseed, or linseed in a glass of water. (But be careful — certain herbal laxatives can be habit-forming, too!)

    • Prunes (the old standby) or Rhubarb. Fresh rhubarb stalks work wonders for constipation.

    • Colonics. Enemas have been used since ancient times as a cure for constipation. Colonics are thorough enemas that gently cleanse the entire colon.

    • Magnesium can be helpful in two ways. It restores tone to the muscles of the digestive tract, taking them out of spasm and enhancing peristalsis, which is the natural pulse that moves food through the intestine. It also acts as a natural laxative by pulling water into the intestine, in addition to its physical effect. The standard remedy, Milk of Magnesia, is magnesium hydroxide, but I prefer magnesium citrate. In very heavy doses, magnesium citrate is a physic — a powerful laxative — but in moderate doses can gently aid the digestive process.

    Recommended Dosage: 150 mg two or three times daily. (Caution should be exercised by the elderly or those with diminished kidney function as revealed on a standard blood test.)

  • By the way I take the beginning on friday back I am starting Day 1 since tomorrow this is a problem that cant wait and I need to understand that. I cna do it YESSS I CANNNNNNN!!!!:p

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