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Stopping Again!!


Well I haven't been on here for a while, yes i started again, my twin boys birthday party with 25 screaming kids threw me over the edge!!

So now I am here to ask if i can please join again??? :o I am on day one again last cig last night well actually this morning about 3am (couldn't sleep!).

I have no children at home this week rthey are at there dad's so I feel it is a good time to stop hopefully will have got over the moodiness of the first week before they come back!

Good luck to all of us!! we will be cig free soon, no longer smelling like an ashtray!! xx

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hey, welcome back! :D

great news that your gonna do it again!!

just keep busy.............drink will know the stuff to do

good luck :)

Thanks Jude, I am so going to do it this time! thought about it I need to paint the living room and kitchen so that should keep me busy when i am not at work! Anything to keep my mind of the death sticks!! xx

NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Hows today been?

So glad I'm (mostly) through the moody bit, been at home with kids today and they have been hitting max volume most of the day.

Can't complain too much though as they have been getting on well most of the time, rather than bickering and fighting, which is more trying.

Good luck with the quit and painting.



Oh good luck, another one for today!!


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