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day 12


:) day 12 already cravings hitting quit hard today but ive had no nrt in 25 hours so im kinder expectin a few difficult days, shouldnt be to hard thou cos ive not used much nrt at all in past week maybe 2 10mg cartridged in a week, stop smokin adviser worked it out that i should go threw 4 cartridges a day so to go threw 2 in a week is amazin i think will let you know how i get on with out the brt but if i get to difficult i will use the nrt i will not go bk to smellin like an ashtray :D:D:

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Great Going keep it up,the longer you go without the nrt the better ,but it would good to keep around ,just in case...........congrats

Hi Suzy

How you feeling Babe. 72 hours and it will all be gone drink lots of water.xxxxx

its 48 not 72

it takes 48 hours to get nicotine out ya system linda unless you meant 72 hours struggle when you stop using it. well i aint use my nrt for 48hrs and 40 mins so thats all the nicotine out my system and 12 days today since my last fag i smell much nicer, food especially chinesse is 100X tastier then i thought it was, my dog stinks worse then i thought it did its had many baths since my quit, my mates kid likes to hug me know i dont smell of ashtray, so far i have not had that annoyin cough you normally get when you quit, fingers crossed that it dont start know ive said summat, ive had crazy dreams about me been a lesbian and me and my mate been chased downb the street after seeing someone burgle hours yes i knwo how crazy i love the weird dreams there great best thing about quittin i thought u only had them when u use nrt thou lol. i cant concentrate my mind goes blank im needin to spell check everything i do on ma pc lol. and i am going totally insane BUT I AM SMOKE FREE AND NICOTINE FREE YESSSSSSSSSSSSS

Suzy you sound very positive, that's the key to getting through this. Pretty soon you will wonder what all the fuss was about!

u sed it

im already wondering what all the fuss is about n its not even bin 3 weeks yet lol had some carving over past few days but not many at all n nothing really bad either im doing great n feeling great

opt 5

well done opt 5 time for u to use this thread know keep it up xx

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