day 12

Hi guys,

I feel great. That is me on day 12 of the ultimate quest. Things are going great. Not had a nicorette today!!

I was meant 2 be going out 2nite, but I decided 2 empty my wallet by buying new shoes and new jeans!!

I saved bout 50 quid, and i have blown the lot, but I suppose it's good 2 reward myself especially since I've come this far :D

How is everybody else doing?

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  • gud 4 u philip

    gud for u darl, its better to blow £50 on clothes rather then beer or fags anyway, clothes last longer a night out is good thou eh. like me your doing really well krrp it up x

  • Well done bud!

    Always good to be able to reward yourself for your success.



  • Hi Phill

    Day 12 is great well done. You treat your self you deserve it this is a very big life changing thing we are doing and we need to look good on our no smoking way to our new life. HEHE. xxxx

  • how u getting on

    hi phil was wonderinh how u was getting onw ith your quiit, i often wonder how you are gettin on cos we quit about same time let me know darl, im doing great just going totally insane havin crazy ass dreams and findin it hard to concentrate

  • Thats fantastic:) Yep treating yourself is the best bit about quitting. All that extra money just for you.

  • Wish i'd kept the money I would have spent... I'd be rich by now :eek:

  • Great going on day 12...........Keep it up....

    And reward yourself often..

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