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Day Twenty two!

Hey fellow non-smokers!

It is day 22 now.. Physical craving (that tight throat feeling) still hitting frequently and strongly, but (and at the risk of sounding corny) I have the power hehe.

I realised something though, since I've quit [I quit along with my mum, who has been smoking for so long that I hear she used to use the sun as a lighter] the money that we would have usually spent on tobacco has just been going to bills instead.

This is quite disheartening for the both of us, as not only are we fighting off the cravings, living with someone who continues to smoke in our presence (ugh!) but we are not seeing any reward for it, since our physical health is not challenged enough to see the reward, nor are we reaping any highly visible monetary benefit from it... So I decided to treat myself today [I convinced my mum to buy herself some chocolates(sugar free!)] I have purchased myself a new BP-8 vertical grip, and some quality film for my EOS camera :) But, in a more serious fashion, I've also purchased two packets of herbal cigarettes which I've read are non-addictive(entirely nicotine free), and taste foul. and this is for a purpose!

If they taste foul as people say [I made sure to buy the cheapest ones possible...just to make sure they taste not so great :D] then that means smoking them wouldn't be very nice, right? Well, not unpleasurable, just no benefit gained from them.

If cravings continue as they are, I want to make sure that I don't relapse in a moment of weakness.. But, things tend to happen, and on day 6 I did take two drags of a ciggy [although I put it back out and continued on my quit!] that showed me that in a severe moment of weakness, relapse is possible.. and with cravings like these, I don't underestimate my inner-demon's ability to take over

But if that WERE (hypothetically) to occur, I wouldn't want nicotine freely and readily available to me!... Introducing the nasty, foul-tasting and Nicotine-free herbal cigarettes!

Yeah...that's my rationale for it!.... A sort of contingency plan

Anyway, would like to hear from other people too who are quitting, I was quite saddened to see that many posts in the week 3 board talk of hardship.. Some positivism would be great

Another good thing, I've managed to come into possession of the easyway book, courteousy of a friend. I'm prepping for my Emergency first response course (irony) which I'm doing on the 16th, so not much time for reading that at the moment, but if things are still challenging following my course I will take a gander! (and even if they aren't, it couldn't hurt)

Annnnnnnyway.. big apologies for my long and frankly [even as I re-read it back to myself] uninteresting ramble. Hope you're quits are going smoother than mine!


Last Cigarette: July 11th, 11:50am

3 weeks, 15 hours, 46 minutes, 17 seconds ago. Saved £36.79 by not smoking 541 cigarettes [a total of 2705 minutes(45 hours) of life spent smoking].

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Morning Shadow

Well done to you and your mum on your three week quit. Try and look back to the first week bet you never thought you would get this far. They do say you can get a bit itchy at three weeks but it do pass. I know what you mean about the money and the treat thing but its important we try our best to give ourselfs a weekly treat in the early days. So you make sure you and that lovely mum of yours get one. Keep going mate your doing fab and it do get easyer. xxxxxxxx


well done Shadow :D

it does get better, your cravings should be easing now...........its the mind games you need to beat im not sure having a herbal ciggie is the right move but if they keep you away from the fags........then so be it!

as for the money rewards...........did you put your fag money away? unless you did ...i doubt you will see it......................our money just gets eaten up with bills, food, petrol etc etc

your doing great though.........1month nearly here!! :)


Well done,

I wouldn't personally go down the herbal route, but everybody is different.

I think its great that you have treated yourself and intend to do the same when I have built up "credit". According to my quit meter I'm nearly £70 better off. But much of that has gone on food treats :o.

Remember if you have been able to get this far you can keep off them forever so long as you stay strong.

Good luck




well done to u n ur mum for ur quit ur both doin really well, im on week 2 and i still have strange physical cravings n im tryin to do ma cold turkey but have nrt when im feelin really weak. hope the physical cravings dont last you ,uch longer n i bet them herbal fags r rele foul yuck!!!


Thankyou everyone :)

well done to u n ur mum for ur quit ur both doin really well, im on week 2 and i still have strange physical cravings n im tryin to do ma cold turkey but have nrt when im feelin really weak. hope the physical cravings dont last you ,uch longer n i bet them herbal fags r rele foul yuck!!!

Hehe, I'm sure they will taste foul, that's the intention :D

I considered chewing nico gum if things got really bad, but I've not had any nicotine in my body for (22 - 6) = 16 days, that means my body is completely empty of it and by logic if I were to use NRT now, i'd just prolong the withdrawl symptoms by pumping more in. I guess whatever keeps you away from ciggies is worth having :)


Almost a month.Thats fantastic,dont give in now you can beat the hell out of that nicotine and not look back........dubbs


Hi guys.

Day 24,

3 weeks, 3 days, 6 hours, 45 minutes, 43 seconds

My weakness has overcome me and in desperate times I've ended my quit... I know, I know, weakling etc... For my first quit I'm happy that I at least showed myself I could make it some way... I'm really not happy with myself, ciggy tasted disgusting, but that feeling in the back of my throat has gone so I've confirmed that it was indeed a physical craving.

For my first quit it's not what I was expecting compared to what I've read and heard about physical cravings reaching peak in 3 days and gradually subsiding over a week or two until only psychological triggers remain. With all the arguments I've been having over the past couple of days, coupled with the waking up with cravings and the like.. I just can't forsee going any longer like that - I tried to picture it as just one day at a time, but knowing that the next day, and the day after, and the day after that I would be feeling the same

I want to apologise to everyone who invested time and thought into trying to ensure I remained off the foul nicotine demon, but in the end it beat me into submission.

I am, however, going to try and limit the amount that I smoke. One way we've done this, is set up a "Smoke free environment" by deciding that there will be NO smoking in the house, [we have destroyed / removed all ashtrays - so no choice].. this hopefully will be restrict the amount that I smoke, since I'm rather lazy and dont want to have to go outside..

Hopefully, one day in the future, I'll find the strength and resolve to tackle the challenge again and win


sorry to read this............

when your ready, come back and we will kick butt!!


That's too bad :(

I know how it is though, but remember there has to be a quit that sticks so make it the next one.

All the best




so sorry you never made it this time but you know where we are if you need us again. xxxxxxxx


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