No Smoking Day


I was here a while back. I decided to stop because I was ill with a cough but I really struggled, the chest infection got worse and I coulden't sleep at night smoking was making me worse so I went back to the docs for a second opinion he said it was broncitis and a bad infection, then that was it, the chemist wouldent give me patches for free so they said if I stop for 2 weeks they will give my money back so I did and its been 3 months and 6 days.

Oh and I got my money back too.

Also found out that the guitarist in the band I'm in has COPD from smoking he is in his 60s that really stopped me from starting back.

Now I'm happy eating loads yes I want one but I'm not having one cos one wont be enough.

Take Care

Ser :)

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Well done Ser and welcome back.:)


yes I want one but I'm not having one cos one wont be enough.

How true, I've had several months off the fags before only to think, one won't hurt, and before you know it I'm back to square one.

In fact, I've got a devil on my shoulder today saying "Just have one it'll be fine", but I'm managing to ignore him.

Well done, keep it up.




3 months!

dont time fly :)

keep it up


I remember you back then. Glad to hear you are still on the wagon :D


Well done Ser, your doing great, glad your better. x:):)


From One Welsh girl to another Very well done. Congrats xxxxx


3 months and 6 days + some more .Great job.......

Keep it up.:p


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