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No Smoking Day
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Hi everyone - day 6

Hi everyone,

Gave up previosly but failed (as I have before) and I'm determined that this time it's for keeps. So far cravings are managable and its the habit side thats the troublesome bit.

Having gone through it before I know that there is a good increase in stamina even in the 1st few days due to a correction in the levels of carbon monoxide an oxygen in the blood stream.

I'm a martial artist and even while smoking was quite fit, but I thought it would be good to do a test of stamina/endurance that I could repeat to keep track of once I quit.

I picked on how many press-ups I could do in 2 minutes:-

As a smoker - 94 (62 in 1st minute)

30 hours after last cig - 127 (79 in 1st minute):)

day 6 - 132 (90 in 1st minute):D

Thats a whopping 35%-40% increase purely due to the body being able to get oxygen to the muscles.

I should be going for my Black Belt in November 2009 and need increase my fitness still further. One things for sure I would be able to get it if I can't stay off the fags.

Cheers and good luck to everyone.


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Hi Nic - well done on your quit and good luck with getting your Black Belt in 2009. If you keep on like this it should be a doddle.:)


hi Nic and welcome

you will get on very well with another martial arts bloke on here (TKD)

good luck :)


WOW! Well done Nic. God I can't even do 3! :o I can do lots of lady ones but not real ones....:o

Much easier the 2nd or 3rd quit isn't it?

Don't you have another fag. Make us all proud in 2009 by getting that black belt.

You kick ass! lol

smoke free me


Hi Nic, good luck and stay focused on what you really want.. to be free of cigs, and you'll get there. I'm a bit rubbish at giving advice, but that is true! Embrace your quit, dont worry or be afraid of it and it'll all fall into place.


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