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No Smoking Day
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Little question

Hey im luke, im 18. just got back off holiday, which wo in a log cabin wi some lakes n stuff. really tranquille place.

anyway, i thought to my self, perfect time to quit!

ive been wantin to quit for some time, cos im 18 and i can tell im not very healthy, i shud be fit as a fiddle really :P

However i love smokin :P especially with a nice pint of stella.

Ive been smoking for around 4 years, i smoke rolling backi.

I have a cig when i get up. cut down to 1 at work, half in the mornin break and half at dinner :) and when i get home ill between 5-10. this has been for the last month.

Im on my 5th day of quittin, all was well when i was away. no temptations, was ocupied with fishin (do alot of match fishin etc) now ive got home, my mum smokes, so i have access to cigs :/ and i can smell them :/

Ive been lookin on the interenet on how long withdrawl last etc. and it talk about people who smoke for like 20, 30 years. ive only done it for 4. and the first year i didnt smoke alot at all. so how long is this going to last?? (withdrawl)

cheers people.

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oh BTW, i havent used anything to quit, but i do have access to one of those sucking sticks with a nicotine filter thing inside. do u think if i have a big drag of that ill think of cigs more, shud i keep going with no aid?


Hello eep

On this forum, different members have used different methods to quit.

Me personally I quit cold turkey after reading a book to help me quit. Some people find that NRT helps.

Have a read over at whyquit.com before you embark on any particular methods.

Welcome to the forum and good luck with your quit :D


kk. can some one answer if the effects will go away quicker due to only smoking a few years


I smoked from age 15-18 and then stopped for a year. Since you insist on asking eep, no it wasn't any easier then than it is now. Drug addiction is what it is - that's not the answer you hoped for obviously. But 'you're welcome' ;)


lol WKDfairy. yeah i understand, mi mum is a youth worker so i have some knowledge. but some people have been dependant on the drug alot longer than i have so i wondered if id find it alittle easier. but if not its fine

i do feel like i can do this! the odd little wave when i really want one, but i just suck on my stick :D only thing is, i havnt been to the pub yet. n all mi mates our smokers, so i cant stay inside cos we always sit outside. i can resist. but when im pissed? this is what worries me.


Course you can do it eep! You can do anything you put your mind to. For what it's worth, you are young and your damage is totally reversable which probably makes it more worth your while to stop now.

Don't let me see you smoking lol

At least you have the advantage of the smoking ban, all those years ago i started smoking again because it was convenient to. You could smoke anywhere you wanted to then. And we didn't have places like this. So stick with it and it will be worth it in the end.


shouldnt be more then a few weeks

i dont think it will be more than a few weeks for the physical ones, i know someone who stopped smokin over a year ago n they still have the odd craving now and again. just dont give up hang in there before u know it it will be over, thats what everyone telle me n im on day 5 too lol


stick thing

i ahve a inhalator to dont have a big puff there awful i have one but i only use it if i am really really pullin my hair out ive had 5 puffs in 2 days on mine lol, im not sure about the inhalator yet so i tend to only use it if absolutely neccessary


hey eep,

i'm 21 and i smoked since 14 - 15+ a day! i decided on monday 21st july 2008 at 10.20am 2 stop and iv not had a puff since.

I, myself have used the nicorette gum when cravings are bad - i haven't used it much but its nice to know iv got it if i need it.

like it has been said, no 2 people are the same, just make up a plan that suits your needs!

good luck m8



Hi eep,

I forgot 2 say. I have found calling the smokeline everytime I have a craving to be very useful

The number is 0800 84 84 84 and it's free from a BT landline which is good coz at first the calls were bout 30-40mins long lol


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