No Smoking Day
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Woohoo! Day 4!

Goodmorning all you Day 4'ers,

Marie, David, i hope to see you here today?

I had the soundest nights sleep ever last night! and when i woke up this morning cigarettes were not the first thing on my mind for a change!

(it was coffee :P )

I have been awake now for an hour and have even got to work early! and i have only had one minor craving this morning, im feeling fantastic! knowing that everyday i am one step closer to finally taking control and having my life back!

Have an absoultely wonderful day everyone! The end of week one is on the horizon!

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what a great positive post to read!

well done ! :D


Hey Mojo!

I do get the cravings but their only minor now, and i get dizzy, and all the usual side effects of quitting, and it seems like the cigarettes are playing devils advocate to get me started again, and by ignoring it all and staying postive im just giving it the finger day after day :D

and this time im sticking with it! how you getting on with your third day mate?


Well done mate, your doing really well, :)

I really think it's going to feel like you just turned around and it's gonna be three weeks, we're all gonna be thiking "where the hell did the time go?"

another big milestone will come for me in the form of payday tomorrow,

because usually one of the first things i do is buy petrol and cigarettes

But i think i'll just buy petrol and maybe a newspaper to distract myself :)


Too right!

I think i'm going to distract myself from smoking this weekend by introducing the principle of electrolysis to water and run the bike on hydrogen :D

But then the government and the oil companies might make me disappear..


bloody hell! it's 115p here,

Theres a website you can use where you put your postcode in and it emails you with the cheapest petrol near you, i cant remember the name of the site but a quick Google search should yeild some results


Hi Jimi

Well done! I'm on Day ahead of you and I can't believe how easy it's been today.

It was never about the money for me. Here, in Dubai the fags are &1 a pack, it was more about the control it has over me. Still, positive thinking, this is the new non smoking us! :cool:


Hi Jimi, your doing great you should be very proud of yourself,

Ithink there are a few of us that all started in the same week, we are all stars.:) our petrol is £1.19 what a rip off, and the oil companeys making billions, goverment should cap how much profit they can make, same goes for shops too.


Well done Jimi... We will soon be on week one and then two and so on... Keep it going. I am away from tomorrow until Saturday evening so I wont be able to update for days 5 & 6 but I hope to come back and find that we are all still here and doing well... Right?!!


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