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Fed up

Hi everyone, am really fed up of playing the game that goes around my head all day most days I want one versus I don't want one. When will it end???

I have never in my life been this miserable, okay in the day whilst working but come the evening all I want to do is sleep as i feel so miserable, at this rate I will have to go to doc's and get some happy pills as worried that my family will go walkabout!!!

Not on any NRT now and haven't been since last Wednesday.

My stats are 3m 1w 1d.

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Della, you do NOT want a cigarette. If you really enjoyed smoking, then you would not have stopped.

Rejoice in the fact that you have escaped Ol'Nic's chains. You are not sacrificing anything, you are getting your life back.

Chin up and try the links at the bottom of my cig.


Hey della

i felt exactly the same - " i know smoking doesnt make me happy but not smoking is making me sooooo misterable" and i felt like that for a few days then it just sort of got easier, some do say it is akin to mourning and that really was quite true for me. Try not to slump into it too much, and remember that you are not going to smoke today, that might be easier than eternity at the moment.

Your family should understand and be supportive, just give them the chance,tell them how you feel, im sure they will put a smile on your face :)

If not come back on here and look up some old pictures of John and his fat friend, might not cheer u up but you will deff feel better about yourself lol :cool:



im sorry johnny boy at what point did i insult you?????????mmmmmmmm think i mentioned ur fat friend is all -

all that reading is buggering up ur eyesight x mwah x


Hi Della

As Barb says, you DO NOT want a fag. I know how you are feeling though because I too am going through yet again another iffy stage. Not TOO bad, but its just letting me know 'it's' there. I'm sure it'll go away eventually Della. It has to. It did on my last quit so I'm hopeful that the time will come when we never think of fags again. We just have to try and be positive about our quits but it can be hard eh? Especially when your head is feeling messed up.

We do have to hold on to why we quit though. We gave ole nic the boot for a reason...that reason remains (for all of us) so lets kick his sorry lil ass!



Hi Della, you have to give your body time to adjust without the nicotine. Just stick it out for a little while. You have become dependent on that skanky gum!

Step away from the NRT Della! ;)


Really try to stay strong and commited Della, and thinks will improve! The mind is a wonderful thing it can do almost anything, you can turn it against the feelings your experiencing, it just seems like an uphill battle at first.

Stay absolutely focused on what you want to achieve, and you'll be okay. Remember, the journey isnt always fun, but the destination is so worth it once your there.


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