No Smoking Day

Day 1 again!

Hello all,

John here. I gave up successfully on No Smoking Day this year but sad to say one morning six weeks in i was sitting on my balcony in the sun having a coffee and thought "a fag would go well with this" and bang, I was out to the shop and buying a packet of 10 and it's been that way since. Until today. I joined the Nicorette Active Management PLan on line or something and I've been gearing up for my new attempt all last week. So here it is - day 1 again. I've got a patch on (left over from the last attempt) and have an inhalator from tomorrow. Wish me luck. I found this board very encouraging in my first few weeks so hopefully it'll be useful again.

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Hi John

Welcome Im sure you will do it this time. We are all with you. Linda xxx


welcome back John :)

you seem to have prepared yourself very well for this quit , the very best of luck to you , you will do it this time!!


Hi John

Great big fat welcome to you and this is THE quit for you this time! Go Boy!

Well done for stopping again, I'm sure you'll get there. I daresay each and every one of us on here had to make more than one attempt before reaching our 'final' quit (touches wood).

Good luck...not that you need it of course :D


Welcome back John,

You'll be able to use the experience of that quit to pave the way for this one.

The main thing is don't go out on your balcony in the sun. In fact swap flats with me and I'll lounge around on the balcony. At least I can be trusted to not cave :D

Good luck with this quit.

C :)


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