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Try to remember why we quit

Hi all,

I experienced a very moving and touching act from one Fathers children.

(God this is hard to write)

As you all know it was Fathers day yesterday. A lot of people buy these red letter days out.

I was working as the duty gliding instructor and was called to the office to pickup my next student. There sat in a wheelchair was Jim (not real name)

surrounded by his family. Jim was in pretty poor shape, suffering from some sort of motor neuron disease. I wasn't sure we could accommodate him.

Jim's Mother approached me and said that it had always been his dream to fly in a Glider and that his outlook was not good and wanted to try and fly before it was too late.

What could i say to this man. I had a chat with him and his wife and felt we could do this, hell we were going to do this.

we got him into a parachute he would never be able to use, and strapped him in the aircraft, we had a great time, i even got him on the controls and let him fly the thing, ok with a bit of help. when we landed

his two young daughters came running up and hugged him as he sat in the glider there were tears all round.

I dont know what im trying to say here, but it just seemed to me that my struggle with quitting smoking seemed insignificant . I want to live long enough to see my Children grow to adulthood, i want to experience more of what life has to offer, good or bad.

Sorry for going on.

Have a great smoke free day everyone


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Awww Thats great Mark. I understand totally where you're coming from and yes, it certainly does put our quits into perspective. Makes a quit seem miniscule in comparison to what some people face doesn't it? Well, the actual quitting part.

Stopping smoking is a great achievement as it could possibly help you avoid some major disease and add years onto your life.

I too want to be around to see my kids grow up and then their kids! Oh I'll be hanging on as long as I can! :D


What a wonderful story :P Thank you for sharing! I quit... so I can be around for many more stories like yours. Smiling,




Giving is always more rewarding then receivin, it's the things that we can give that can make life so rewarding. The faimlily appreciation alone shows that you did a grand job.




flying visit


Oh giving most definitely is better than receiving (unless its a 40+" HD ready TV coupled with an Xbox 360 - or any MARIO game!!!).

I'm awful for buying gifts for people. I just love to buy stuff for those I love! If I see something and it really catches my eye and there is someone I know that would like it, I can't help myself but to buy it for them!!

Ok I know this isn't on the same par as Mark's OP (nowhere near!) but I just wanted to pick up on the 'giving/receiving' bit. I love to receive gifts too of course, but I get just as much, if not more, happiness giving things as I do receiving them. Hell, it doesn't even have to have monetary value. Gawd it could be anything. There are some things that money just can't buy.


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