No Smoking Day

Bye for Now

Well confession time.....

as you all know I've been having a crap time lately. Things have got MUCH worse over the last few days, and yesterday I bought some fags out of sheer bloody temper.

Thing is I've got too much to deal with right now (like keeping my sanity) to deal with not smoking as well. I know that smoking doesn't make it any better but I just can't deal with not smoking at the minute. I'm kicking myself really hard for this so, please, I don't need it from anyone else!

I will be back, this is just a temporary thing until I get things sorted out, and get my head back in the right place. I really did do 3 weeks and 4 days, and for you paranoid chappies (not mentioning any names :D), I do not work for any nrt or nhs organisations.

I hope that on my return I will be given the same support that I have received on here up till now. I feel like I'm letting you all down because you have been soooo supportive, and I am truly sorry. Most of all I feel like I'm letting myself and my little boy down!

So, bye for now, and thanks for all that you have done for me.

Dave :(

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you have not let anyone from here down!!

you get your head in the right place, come back when your ready and we will be waiting to start kicking your ass again! ;)

your little one loves his dad, no matter what!

keep popping in to let us know how you are doing

you take care :)


Ours it not to reason why, but try......

You gave it a shot , thats what counts A failure is someone that doesn't even try !!! You are not a failure!!!

I don't know you , but I do know that if your head is not in the right place , giving the weed away, becomes a nightmarish battle.

Your little boy will love you no matter what, especially when he knows his Dad has only made a tactical withdrawl, to recoup his defences for another

push on the front .


Take care


Dont beat yourself up to much Dave.

Come back when your heads in the right spot.



hi dave,

sorry to hear things got so rough - don't beat yourself up just get sorted then come back and join us again - we'll be here for you when ever you decide the time is right for you:p

remember never quit quitting

it takes most of us many attempts to finally get there and i'm sure you can do it...

hope life improves for you soon..take care..



Thanks for all your kind words. I will be back soon and hopefully that will be thelast quit!

See ya


Hope you do come back Dave. Take care of what you need to and look forward to seeing you on here in the future.


chin up mate we all have slips! life is there t ochallenge us , trust my i have had loads of slips , dont feel down about it though just commit to quit again , i took about 2 weeks out and decided to smoke silly and just have a break of trying and asm back on it now ready to go!

you can too and you will you obviously want to never doubt yourself and smile!


All the best Dave, I was a very brief member towards the end of March on NRT then caved in big time for about 10 days, took Champix this time and am now 1 day short of 7 weeks quit. If you want have a look at my previous posts - I have truly been dealt a large hand of sh!t since I gave up and have amazed myself that I didn't smoke....believe me I wanted to smoke MORE than I wanted to stay fact not sure how I didn;t give in (prob has to do with being the ONLY smoker left that I know). In fact I still to this day have major wobbles and am SO tempted. ( I think I'm an exception tho'!!!)

Anyway Dave, get your head in place and come back here, we will all be here to help you along.....good luck and don't leave it too long :rolleyes:



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