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still feel no better

hi iam on day18 quit cold turkey i am feeling tired i sleep ok at night but in the afternoon i could go to sleep i still have a lot of cravings at night so i go to bed early i feel fed up all i seemto be doing is going to bed early and i look tired i have panic attacks and i can't get out much so i can't just go for a walk to take my mind off smoking i just wish i could feel a bit better sorry for the moaning but i have moaned enought to my husband and daughter enough today (lol):( i will have to come on here more marg

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Yip Marg, this is the place for a good moan. It is guaranteed to make you feel better ;)

Why not following the many links posted here? (I have two good ones in my signature for starters) Once you can get your head around the whole smoking thing, it makes stopping so much easier, honest! :)



Well done and don't fret. Moaning here is allowed. In fact i get the feeling it's encouraged.

Don't forget that it is so easy to confuse a crave with a smoking trigger. I used to find advert breaks in the evening annoying. They used to be a natural trigger to pop outside for a smoke. I used to smoke about 25 a day and i reckon maybe half of them were feeding my nicotine monster and the rest where the habit ones.

Try and find a diversion for those ones that seem to grab at your memory, put the kettle on, brush the dog. At day 18 you're doing well and you KNOW you're past the nicotine stage. Usually just typing a message on here is enough to restore normality.

Failing that pop over to and scare yourself with their relapse policy...!



Hi Marg

Was very interested in your post. I have suffered panic attacks for years but in the last 2 months they've gone, was talking to my doctor and it could all be down to giving up smoking as nicotine is a stimulant which is a massive contribution to panic attacks. Keep up with your quit, things will get easier, everyone on this forum has been through everything you are going through and each day gets better and better, have been quit now for 2months and 6 days and although i've had a few rocky patches here and there, I feel 100% better because of my quit.

Take care, keep up the posting, Della x


Moan away Marg. You're doing really well having gone this long without a cig so well done you.

We need to kick evil nic right where it hurts and be done with the nasty weed. We can all move on with our lives without nasty nic's influence. So much better to be free of him don't you think?


i failed

i was nearly 3weeks of not smoking and having no alcohol and what did i go and do this weekend had a drink then i smoked i feel i let myself down and my husband and daughter i was doing so well but i started to get a bit down on friday and on saturday night i just cracked so i will have to start over again marg


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