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I smoked for just short of 20 years, and always said I'd give up one day, but basically didnt really want to. Every other past attempt to quit only lasted a maximum of 24 hours. However recently I took a look at myself, realised i wasnt getting any younger, certainly wasnt getting any fitter. So I decided enough is enough and 13 days ago i decided to quit........

What I'm worried about is..... I'm using patches and chewing lots of sugar free gum, everyone keeps telling me how well I'm doing.... but... I'm actually finding it really easy!!!!.

When I take these Patches off... is my World going to end and all these demons that everyone talks about going to rear their ugly heads????

I dont want to sound condescending in any way, as I'm quite worried what these little stickers on my arm are actually doing to me, are they simply delaying the inevitable.

So to go on... but if someone could let me know of their expereince once the patches are off, I'd appreciate it.

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Hello there, I have used NRT several times beofre, and I was using it up until recently.

I would not say your world is going to fall down around you, but you will experience discomfort as you stop using nicotine, which is one of the problems of smoking.

What you have done though, is start to remove the habitual trigger based side of the quit by spending 13 days not smoking and going about your life.

I have found things very easy so far, but I have tried to come off the NRT recently and had a few bad urges tbh, so its not plain sailing, but if your head is in the right place Im sure you will win.

As John says above, check out them other sites with loads of good info, they will help you too.

Good luck, and stay stopped! ;)

Hi Godders - Like Mojo I also had a few bad urges but they will lessen and I agree with both him and John. Keep coming on here it is a great place to come to when you need to rant and rave or just have some fun as while you are having fun you don't think about them 'orrible weedy fingies.:D


Cheers Everyone,

So these unattractive little stickers are actually doing something then.

I'm currently on stage 1, and considering dropping down to stage 2 in a week or so.

Thanks alot guys and girls, its great to get the thoughts of actual PAST smokers, rather than those annoying people who have never smoked but still pretend to be an authority on the subject.



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