Graduation Day

That's what it feels like lol.

Today is day 22 and yesterday I had my first real test. I was at a programmer's conference in Newcastle and at break times we went outside for fresh air. There were loads of smokers stood about, all around me. I never even noticed! It wasn't until I was driving home that I actually realised I'd passes some kind of test.

Yay me :cool: :D

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  • Wow thats great Dave! Isn't it great to feel that you are making real progress with your quit? The only way is forward and lets keep it going!

    Well done! :)

  • yeah yay you - well done ;)

  • Dave so glad you passed your test and didnt even notice. your doing great.:D

  • Thanks for the encouragement everyone. You've all been a great help in getting me this far. I'm feeling sooooo proud of myself right now :D

  • And so you should be! :D

  • I'm feeling sooooo proud of myself right now :D

    And we are proud of you too ! :)

  • well done Dave.

    really please your doing so well. that was'nt easy being around smokers like

    that, but you made it mate. be very very please with yourself.. we are:)

    Best of Luck To You...


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