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thanks for help

hi everyone.

just got back from dentist and you was right. i got a dry socket [infection]

they gave me some strong Antibotics. pain so bad. hope they kick in soon.

any-way. how are we all today. still going strong. when i was waiting my turn

at the dentist i pick up something to read on smoking this is what its said.....

most people know that by stoping smoking now they could save several

thousand pounds a year. most people know that they could add years to their

life and most people know that if they stoped smoking right now they could

save their health before it's too late. so why do people continue to smoke


fear that you won't be able to cope without our fags,

fear that we won't be able to enjoy going out with friends who smoke.

fear that we will become irritable, short-tampersed or put on wwight,

fear that we never be free of the cravings,

i think we all been there one way or another. but with help from everyone on

here is so great. it really is helping me a lot... thanks. keep it coming,

keep up the good work team. its just like having a big family when i come on

here:) take care all, be back soon


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thanks johntkd

im happy now i been and got something for it. your doing so well with your

Quit mate. keep it up. your a great help to us all ;)




That's a great post!

I agree. This forum has carried me through lots of moments that might have been hard and, if I'm honest, i've never wanted a fag from day one...and I'm sure part of that is being able to stay focussed on that mind-set thanks to the peeps on here.

It's something so easy to forget that there really is so much good will and caring around when we just get together. I'm sure we're not exceptional people..just that we all have it in us to be as great as this...OK. I'll take the hanky out of my mouth and take some sips of water ...

" Chokes up ":)



Hi Alan

Glad you have got your tooth sorted out, in my opinion there is nothing worse than a tooth acne!!

Well yesterday was the 1st Friday that I haven't craved, in fact the opposite, I worked last night from 7pm - 12 and didn't have one chewing gum! I think it helped that yesterday spent time with 4 smokers who were all smoking in their house, I was suffocating, spend most of the time with my head out the window and my clothes smelt when I got home, in fact I felt a wee bit funny when driving home, had a slight cough!!!!

9 weeks for me on Monday, yeepee.

Take care, Della x


hi Della.

good to hear your doing well. you done real good last night being round your

smoker-friends, not easy but you done it:) see we think we can't do with-out

our fags. but you did. so nice being a non-smoker now don't you think Della,

im really please for you.. keep it going. we are here for you, you know that,

take care and have a good weekend;)



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