No Smoking Day


hi all i was thinking while laying in bed like you do lol

when do people class them selves a non smoker???

are we non smokers from the day we quit or should we have quit for a while first if so how long??

when people ask me i say im quiting not ive quit i dont no why its just comes out what does everyone else say are you a non smoker or doyou say im quiting or i have quit???

if you get what i mean i know its a stupid question really but just thought i would ask had nothing else to do lol


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Answer - not definitive

hi jill

personally i say i am not smoking at the moment - one day i hope to say i am an ex smoker - has been a discussion bout this before re non or ex, again personal opinion. I do however now say that i havent smoked since 1st jan and feel very smug ;)



Hi Jill

I say I Used to smoke but i quit. for today I feel ok but 2morow who knows HEHE. One day at a time. Linda xx


i understand what your saying but is it always going to be one day at a time there must be a point where we can just say im a non smoker.

like when do you go from quiting to quit if you know what i mean like i said this is a pointless question but what the hell lol



I'm sure Jill can read it John without having to go for a wee :rolleyes: Come to think of it, you've advised alot of posters to 'go for a wee'. Is it some Scottish tradition you got going on there? :p:D


Ok I get the picture John! But you can't pick me up for any spelling errors seeing as you yourself made one...I guess you're gonna tell me now that it was deliberate :rolleyes:

Actually I don't mind the wee word, JumboJohnny. I use it mesel' a few times!

So I'm a wee fattie? Well at least its better than being a huge fattie :)


Come on John, tell the truth, it isn't only yer gub that has got bigger??

If my thighs get any bigger they will need their own ID on this forum, probably 'wkdfairysthighs' and will eventually have their own forum. Gawd, I can't stop eating,

It isn't coz I stopped smoking, only coz I stopped having ten cigs for breakfast and skipping meals. I am actually really healthy :eek:


But unlike some....... I am not fat :rolleyes:

Oh....and my gub has always been this big.

Oh you little liar! You're the porkiest of the porkers!! :D:D


Ahhhh that was exhilarating!

*note to self: Must pick on John more :D


are we non smokers from the day we quit or should we have quit for a while first if so how long??

As the Cranberries said, "it's in your head, it's in your head, Zombie, zombie, zombie, hey, hey, hey"

You'll know it when you reach it. It might be the day you stop or you may unfortunately never reach it..

Getting hung-up on Zombies however is not necessarily part and parcel of a successful quit...

I shall get back under my stone for a bit. :D


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