No Smoking Day
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Budge over roomies!

Guess y'all lumbered with me for a while now. I am now an official month 2 resident :) Think I'll hog Vike's old bed, ta very muchly!

I'd be in Month 3 now if I hadn't have caved when I did. Oh well. I'll get to share a pad with Vike in the month 6+ room mwahahahahh Be very afraid...:cool:

Hope everyone is ok on this lovely dull day :)

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Well done Maddie

Your doing great this time you go girl. linda xxx


Thank you Linda and John.

You know, I don't even have to try anymore. I still have thoughts of cigarettes but they are not of wanting one. Can't really say exactly just what these thoughts are...of a past 'something'...can't think of the word I want...

I am glad I am not a smoker anymore and I used to think it a huge thing to 'get over' cigarettes, yet I don't feel its a big deal at all. I used to think it was. Maybe it is...oh I don't know! I just feel kinda blase to it all right now. Don't get me wrong, sometimes I do feel really good about not smoking but I'm feeling more and more less enthusiastic about it. Like, I don't appreciate just how well I've done...ok I'm going on now :o

Hope you're all smoke free and enjoying it :)


good in this room isn't it???:D




It IS a big deal...You're doing great!



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