No Smoking Day

been & done it

Hi All.

thanks everyone for your loving, kind, and up-building words, they really did

help me a lot today. took 1 hour & 20 mins to get tooth out as it broke when

she tryed to take it out. at one point she was going to send me to A&E :(

glad she got it out when she did. but in lots of pain:(:(

not once did i think about having a smoke. ME AND BARB 50 TODAY, YESSS.



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Well done Alan. Having a tooth out is just the pits. It most surely is. I feel for you! Hell, two weeks down the line from my extraction I'm still suffering the after effects but hopefully you will not suffer dry socket or get an infection like I did. Sounds like a difficult extraction though :( Poor you. I think you did really well to go through all that. An hour and a half is a long time! Damn. You deserve a medal!!!

Hope your wound site heals pronto :)


you poor man - i felt sick reading, hope u have a nice treat lined up for yourself



Well done Alan, your a very brave,brave man.

I`m wishing all the pain away.

Happy 50 days.

Barb x


thanks jojo.

feeling sorry for myself now. pain is a bit bad now. got tomorrow off work.

see how i am after that... you take care.



Lucky you off work tomorrow! :D

Every cloud does indeed have a silver lining :)


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