No Smoking Day

April Fools..Anyone There??

morning all...

here we are start of our FIFTH week - is anyone still

with me on this one?? beginning to feel lonely not

seen/heard from anyone recently:(

hope you're all doing so well don't need to be here

any more...;)

I'm finding it more difficult the longer I go?? Where's

the logic in that?? Never seem to be able to fit into

the "normal" group!!!:mad:

when do we move to "month 2"?? Now or when we

get to May 1? Latter would guess?


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Hi Nicky

I found my last quit got harder the longer it went on. Weird. I had read on here so many times that the first 3 days were the worst but I guess that doesn't apply to everybody. We're all different at the end of the day.

I know its easy for me to say, but just try not to create a huge battle inside your head. Just accept how you feel and get on with something. No point making things harder. If I feel like I'm going to experience a hard patch I remind myself of all I stand to lose should I go back to smoking and praise myself for being smoke free X amount of weeks. I feel good about stopping smoking most of the time.


I'm still here


I'm still with ya - just been away for a while, but trust me I still need to log onto this site especially when I'm at work. It's getting better for me now bit by bit but I'm still attending the No smoking clinic even tho I aint using anything - soon be our first Month and that pad had better been left clean and tidy, otherwise I'll bring in Maddy!


Oi Chad! I ain't NSD's personal scrubber you know! lol The only reason I decorated those rooms on my last quit was because I wanted to get in there quickly before Viking. I wanted a girlie feel to the room, not a manly one haha

But hey, I'll decorate...for a fee :D


chadwick...good to hear from you...and that you're still in this with me!!

maddy...wen was your quit date? sure I should know but I'm hopeless

with names/dates when I know people never mind in the ether!!:confused:

maybe we should do the decorating over next couple days, then move

in on Thurs wen its done, all smelling sweet...just love the smell of paint...

nearly as good as tobacco:o



Hi Nicks, chin up. I felt the same as you. People no longer notice you have finished smoking and its like being in the Doldrums, no wind in your sails and a long way from home.

yes its weird isn't it - we think we're so damn clever we ought to

have praise lavished on us forever more!!! Non smokers just don't get

it do they???:eek:

pretty sure this quits for keeps now got this far...just wonder why I

quit sometimes!!:confused:




Hiya Nicky!

I'm still with you! So sorry it's been a while - been back at work this week and things have started to get busy for me again. Still of the fags. It's been made easier at work cause we've moved offices and can no longer hide out the back and smoke - which means I have to do it publicly! Big No! Also the 2 office girls have quit too, so no temptation for me.

It's not really bothering me this time to be honest. Finding it far to easy. Maybe I've just grown out of the habit and I just don't want to smoke anymore, I don't know but feeling good about the quit! I will make sure I dont leave it as long next time!

I must say a big thanks to everyone here - I remember my first post and I was so desperate at that time, you guys gave me the support I needed and I will never forget that help that you all gave me!

Tara my team mate and post soon x x x


Hi Tasha

Was asking about you the other day cos hadnt seen you on so pleased your still with us. well done must be easyer with work mates quitting like having your own no smoking meeting. HEHE. Linda xxxx


Hi Tasha...

good to see you back - was worrying about you:(

and great that work hasn't been difficult on smoking front...

I'm still having bad "bits-of-days" but its just when stuff goes

pear shape outside of the quit-scene, just such an ingrained,

40yr, instinct to reach for the cigarettes:mad:

I haven't and I won't because I have proven to myself that

the sh*t still flies at great speed, usually in my direction,

with or without cigarettes:confused:

hope you're having a brill weekend...we've mist you...



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