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Afternoon All

Afternoon everyone.

how are we all after the weekend. hope you had a good one. how is the

Quiting going team. im doing really well so far. dont really think about

smoking now. i see people smoking and then think to myself... I WAS LIKE


and how good its feel being a non-smoker... i know you all feel the same:D

so please let me know how things are going. hope things are going well for

you barb without the patches:)

be back on later, all the best to everyone...... take care



Quit on 12/3/08

1 month, 2 weeks, 1 day, 16 hours

Days 46,

saved on cigs 1,634.

money saved 437.25p.

life saved 5 days, 16 hours, 10 mins

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Hi Alan

Not doing to bad. Having some craves and quite hard to deal with them.:(

Soooooooooooo glad to hear your doing brilliantly, Well done.

I`m still nrt free.

Barb x


Hi Alan

Glad to hear you are doing well. I have had a really nasty cold and chesty cough this past week and did catch myself thinking about smoking well not to have one but do you remeber the horrid taste of smoking whilst you had a cold?? well I imagined that!! Weird I know!!!

The weeks are definately better for me, the busier the better. Weekends are the most difficult because I think you tend to feel you can let you hair down and for me having a few too many red wines on a friday and sat night is still my biggest weakness but I don't think I would actually have a ciggie I just think about it!!! I hope this makes sense to you as it doesn't to me when I read it back!!!! lol

Keep up the good work and I always enjoy your posts.

1 Month, 1 Week and 4 days of not smoking, saved £230 which am going to buy my girls a Wii


Thanks smirn

Me and Alan will be there on the 12th may.

Can you get me some pepsi in (sad i know, but i don`t drink) and some nibbles and then its party time.

Seriously though, moving into the month 3 mark is exciting , like i`m getting somewhere.I think i`m abit bored at the moment of not smoking:eek:.


.I think i`m abit bored at the moment of not smoking:eek:.

Even I feel like that at times......

It's like, what do we do instead?? I usually get distracted before it becomes too much. Isn't being an ex-smoker so much better than a smoker??


I think i`m abit bored at the moment of not smoking:eek:.

You are quite right barb!

I found that when the novelty of not smoking wore off I got bored and started thinking about smoking again:eek:

Luckily it passed....


I think i`m abit bored at the moment of not smoking

me too...novelty has definitely worn off and I'm finding I'm thinking about smoking

so much more end of 4th wk than I did on day one:mad:

but my biggest problem tho is, just not seeing/feeling all the magic benefits

that were supposed to happen to me...yeh I know I've saved a lot of

money but always used c.c. to pay for them so still no cash in my wallet!?!?:confused:

good luck barb & alan...



thanks everyone,

we need to think of something to take the boredom away from smoking.

any idea's anyone ? already watched so many DVD, and read few books.

dont forget we are all doing great. well done. dont let the boredom beat us.

sleep well.



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