No Smoking Day

Day 5 - Laura exerts her authority

Hi All,

Bit of a long one, but just want to tell you about the collective willpower exercised last night...The background to this story is that both myself and my partner gave up smoking last Sunday night at midnight. He had been smoking roll ups for about 16 years.

The story is that we went out for a few drinks, with turned into several more drinks with my partner....we ended up staggering to a bar with no cash, and the minimum spend on a bank card was a 10er. My partner got a drink in each, and asked the barman if he sold fags - which he did so he bought some. He asked me which brand I wanted and I said - I don't care as I won't be having any.

Anyhoo he (my partner) then says to me shall we go and stand outside with our drinks (i.e let go have a fag) so I said to him, 'Nah, that's ok, you go, I'll wait here, I'm really not interested in having a fag. Theres no point' I didn't say anything about him smoking - its his decision after all - ...but obviously had an effect, as he said - 'ah your right - there is no point, I won't have one', and he's given the fags to one of his work mates today.

I did say to him after we got back though how important it was for me that he didnt' smoke that night though...that is meant a lot to me that he is still not smoking along with me......I couldn't say anything at the time in case it was seen as 'emotional blackmail' (I'm a recovering addict to fags - I know how a crazy addict mind works! Any excuse to get p*ssed off and have a fag!)

The funny thing is, last night I thought to myself, yeah I could have a fag - I was a bit p*ssed, and theres a real association with smoking and drinking for me...but the actual thought of putting a fag in my mouth and inhaling was...well....gross really - I thought about my nice clear (well clearish!) lungs, and just really didn't want a fag at all! And I had a real feeling of 'whats the point?' as well, if I had had a fag, it would have meant feeling bad today, and going through all the hassle of giving up again.

Also, the thought of all of you who have posted here who have made it to 1 week / 1 month / 2 months can be done! And I know I'm strong enough to not smoke.

So, despite the slight hangover today, I'm feeling pretty good about myself....I'll find out later if my partner is as well...I'm working from home today but he went into work with a banging hangover...poor thing :)

Laura x

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Hi Laura

Very well done the both of you it makes thing a lot easyer if your both quiting. You have done well and the first and worse week almost over. Have a fab w/e and stay strong. Linda xxx


Thanks Linda,

I just got a text from him saying he smoked two of the fags on the way to work today..... Boo... :(

I hope he quits, I have asked him if he carries on that he doesn't smoke near me. We live together but it would be a matter of him going to the end of the garden (out the gate, up the if he wants to smoke. I will be a fascist about this....

Anyway, I'm more concerned about him quitting as he is older than me by 14 years....(I'm 26), and I'm really concerned that he is more likely to get ill if he carries on smoking...he's been smoking since he was about 14/15, though he reckons he quit for a few years during that time

It just freaks me out that someone I love so much could make themselves ill through doing something so pointless and stupid. :(


Well done Laura!

You are a star!!!! :)

You b/f did so well last night too :) Here's hoping the couple this morning were just a blip :)


Thanks All,

I'm hoping that my b/f smoking today was a blip too.

John, - that palmolive bottle thing is mad isn't it? Very scary. The Whyquit site is an amazing site. I think its the only site of its kind really - just says things the way they are

I do know what you mean about the smell of smoke on other people - I really notice it and its only been 5 days of not smoking for me. Gross. I will say to b/f that I won't kiss a smokey mouth - he'll have to clean his teeth after every fag! :) Although that could end up backfiring on me though....! :/

Its amazing though how much you can smell fags on others though isn't it? Ive only just got my sense of smell back really - can actually smell my handcream and my perfume - I must have smelt of eau de fag-ash before hand lol! :) I remember wearing perfume to cover the smell of fags - I must have smelt like a tarts handbag, as if I had marinated in it - I wore such a lot!

Laura x


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