the 5th day

ewll feel im doing well now , although today im feeling useless and teary (is this normal?) today i cried at the tv magazine when i saw marias babys gonna die in coronation street :(. has anyone been through this , and if so how long did it last for you , or is it just me - it seems to have nothing to do with wanting a fag

oh well not smokings being easier now:)

blue xx

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  • Hey Blue, yeah my Mum was crying at Corras the other week and she's never smoked so I wouldn't worry about that lol. :p

    I think when you monkey around with the brain's pleasure sensors then it's understandable that you're gonna get mood swings. I'm on a rollercoaster at the moment so I know exactly where you're coming from. Just keep telling yourself it's your brain recovering from the drug. It's not you, its the chemicals. Keep going and keep yer chin up - you're doing really well!! Day 5!!! :)

  • glad its a bit easier for you, almost your first week over :D

    i have been a bit weepy in my quit, the smallest thing would set me off, so im guessing its normal! ;)

  • thanks guys , i wont worry bout it then - just cry lol

  • I cried about 3 times in the 1st week, I am assuming it was anxiety mixed with the fact that my relationship with the fags was officially over, I thought I was heading for the loony bin on a few occasions but I am feeling a lot better now and still smoke free.........!

    You are doing great (TEARS OR NOT) You are still heading in the right direction!!

    xx :D

  • Right there with you on the emotional front. Mine only started these last few days and I feel like crying one minute then ready to explode the next with anger :eek:

    Not pleasant but as others have said it's pretty normal as our sensors in our brain's are adjusting to experiencing life without being nicotine addled.....

    I pity my poor family, I can be a moody cow at times - am going to be even worse for a while (hope it's only a while).

    Good luck on your quit, you're doing really well,.


  • Yeah who the hell needs fags anyway? Why did we let ourselves be dictated to by a pack of fags? Wtf?

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