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My reason for quitting


Well in a nut shell my health, not that it was bad but I didn't want to end up 60 years old and coughing like a good'un. We have a women at work who when she cough sounds like a seal and it just goes right through you and I have to sit 2 desks away - she smokes 20 a day and probably the same amount in the evening when she goes home alone.

Also my grandad died of lung cancer after smoking 60 a day for 30 years and then giving up for 20 years and still had lung cancer. I owe it to him to give up.

I also depended on smoking because of my weight - I had lost 6 stone over 3 years and smoking was what helped surpress my appetite during the weight loss as I would smoke when hungry. That was probably the toughest reason not to give up for me because I dind't want to be 18 stone again and hearing all the horror stories of people gaining 2 stone plus and also seeing my Mum try and give up and gain 2 stone then start smoking again really scared me.

So here I am 3 months after quitting and still strong went cold turkey after being ill and not smoking for a week. My weight has gone up slightly (i'm taking a few lbs, not stones!) and I have saved at least £120 a week as I used to smoke about 100 fags a week for the past 10 years.

I'm happy and feeling good and although I've had the odd sneaky puff on a fag when drunk and out with my mate that smokes (all my mates don't smoke apart from 1!!) I'm doing really well :)

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Well done EmWah

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