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Tapping technique

While surfing the net for something totally unrelated to smoking I came across this video which uses a technique that I have seen Paul McKenna use a few times.

Although I am doubtful that this would have enabled me to quit successfully on its own, it may help people get through an unexpected crave.

Give it a go if you want - or not - just putting it out there!!!;)

No, I'm not mad!!!!Click here for link

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I have heard of the tapping technique - but don't know much about it- and than again - what ever helps through a craving ( and is not harming anybody ) is worth a try :D

I think Paul McKenna is pretty professional and knows what he is talking about


Hey Cword

I somehow cannot see myself doing it...seriously....:p

But please do let us know if anyone has used the technique - did it work? did you end up laughing so much you'd forgotten what you were tapping for????


The Tapping Technique (for food craving)

1. I want you get the biggest desire for a food that you can right now. If you don’t have a big enough craving, put this technique to one side and come back to it when you’re really feeling it.

2. Focus on this craving for a moment, and when you’ve thought of that I’d like you to rate your desire for a food on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being the lowest and 10 the highest. This is important, because in a moment we want to know how much you’ve reduced it.

3. On a scale of 1- 10, how strong is your craving? Remember, if you’re not really craving a bite (i.e. your craving is not at least a 7), come back to this technique later.

4. Now take two fingers of either hand and tap about ten times under your collarbone while you continue to think about eating.

5. Now tap under your eye ten times.

6. Now tap under your collarbone again.

7. Place your other hand in front of you and tap on the back of it between your ring finger and your little finger. Continue to think about your desire for food as you do this and each of the steps which follow:

Close your eyes and open them.

Keep your head still, keep tapping and look down to the right then down to the left.

Keep tapping and rotate your eyes round 360 degrees clockwise, and now 360 degrees anti-clockwise.

Remember to keep thinking about the food you were craving as you do this!

Now hum the first few lines of ‘Happy Birthday’ out loud.

Count out loud from 1 to 5.

Once again hum the first few lines of ‘Happy Birthday’ out loud.

8. Stop and check – on a scale from 1 to 10, what number is your craving at now?

If it hasn’t completely gone yet, just repeat this sequence again until it does.


All that tapping and singing happy birthday... people would think you were mental.

For a proper distraction (boys) you should go and wash dishes, clean something, cut the grass or walk the dog. It's the same thing ;)

I haven't charged for this advice :D


think I have a problem

*Thinks about it but decides to not bother*:p


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