Another one bumping up the ranks


Onto week two!

Well really struggled yesterday all afternoon. Majorly moody and wanted a ciggie but didn't succumb. I feel like I'm going through inner turmoil, almost like good cop / bad cop sitting on my shoulders. Hope you know what I mean.....

Just have to think NTAP and get on with living without coughing my guts up daily for the sake of me and all those around me.

I know how good damn awful they are for me but why doesn't my mind know that yet....

Happy to have quit but wish I was as happy as I thought I would feel.

Good luck to us all

Jane (no longer the baby of the board!):D

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  • Hi Jane

    I too gave up on April 7th, and funnily enough I had the day from hell yesterday too, I really don't know how I got through yesterday but I did, and what we need to keep in our minds is that we are really doing the best thing we could possible do for ourselves and for our families. :)

    I know exactly how your feeling and I am hoping that with time pangs/cravings massive headaches! will diminsh.

    Keep up the fantastic work Jane! You are doing great! :D


  • Well done Fay & Jane

    Your both doing fab. the worse thing about having a bad day is you think it will never go but they always pass. I bet you have more good days than bad I know I do. Linda xxxx

  • Thank you xxx

    You are so right! I am still laughing at the glasweigen version! xxx:D

  • Thanks everyone, and I too am laughing at the Glaswegian version! Think that will be my new mantra (have to not say it round 4 yr old daughter tho)


  • hi there Jane and Fay...

    I'm just a week ahead of you and just wanted

    to back up what the others are saying,

    that it will get easier day by day but some days are

    worse than others - I've just survived the 4day-weekend

    from hell - I thought I wanted to smoke to get through

    it but when it came to it I just asked myself

    "will it be any better with a cigarette"

    and of course the answer was a great big"NO":cool:

    good luck stay strong:D


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