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No Smoking Day
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still with you all,

hi team d-day,

hope your all well. today is going better than yesterday. came real close to

smoking, thanks to you guys. you talked me out of it. how please i was you

did. i would have been real up-set with my self if i gave-in after all this time

of giving up, everyone on here really do help one another. and i would like to

say THANKS for your kind and up-building word. they really do help me lots...

back to my old self now. dont know what happen yesterday but i feel fine

now and strong, THIS WILL NOT BEAT ME AGAIN:)

thanks for help. take care. be back later;)


1 month, 17 hours, 4mins

Quit on 12/3/08

smoke 35 + a day

money save. 296.85p

cigs not smoke 1,109

life save 3 days, 20 hours, 25 mins

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hi catwoman,

im feeling really good now. got my mind all sorted out and back on track.

really please my post help you. you been a great help to me. and so have the

others, thanks:D another week start tomorrow and so do work.. weekend

dont last long now. oh well that's life:cool:

take care. have a good week, and THANKS



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