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need bit of help

hi team,

been Quit now for 1 month, 2 days, but all that im thinking about now is

smoking, what going on with me. been really good up to this point, has any-

one els had this feeling after the first month, i will not give-in to smoking.

but why is this feeling so strong now after all this time, i been to pubs. been

out for meals. and been out with smoking friends and been fine, so why now.

if any one knows please tell me, [THIS SMOKING WILL NOT BEAT ME]

just needed to talk to some-one. any new Quiter. keep going. never give-

up... giving up, take care all,


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Hi Alan

Can't really answer your question re why thinking about smoking creeps up on you after a length of time without thinking about them so much...its weird. There is no rhyme nor reason (did I say that right? heheh) to stopping smoking sometimes. We just have to go with the flow and ride it out. Hopefully you will hit the stage soon where something will just 'click' and all thoughts of smoking will be gone forever!

Hope things settle down for you soon :)


Hi Alan

I had major craves yesterday. They only happened about 3 times last night but were very intense and i had to fight them off and they seemed to last longer than normal.It was quite hard work after having a quite easy time of it.

I think i will get some nicotine gum to see me through.

At least we didnt give in Alan and hopefully soon it will get easier again.

Chin up and onwards we go.

Barb x


morning Alan..

sooo sorry to hear yr struggling a bit today..IT WILL PASS

you know it've been so strong up to now, an inspiration to all..:)

try doing something physical, get the old serotonin flowing

from exercise, the happy hormone should help you..always

helps me:D

and exercise will show you just how much fitter you are

now you DON'T SMOKE..

and read, read and read some are a non-smoker:D


thanks Barb. maddy,

done off now, been busy doing house-work, my other half went to work. she

be back late afternoon. just had more time to think.. not good, feel ok now,

i feel happy that i got you guys out there to talk things over with... thanks

for being there. and the same for you, im here also if you need to talk.:)

see you soon guys, have a good day;)



Hi Alan

whenever you are close to a computer and you have a craving - keep posting here - that keeps your fingers and your mind busy.

I am in week 3 - and I have no logical answer for when cravings come or don't - I am in a bar - no problem - I am doing something at work - a craving crawls up.

guess we just have to deal with that - there is a new member Mcka who has quit more than a year ago and even s/he still struggles occasionally.

But you know you can do it - cause you did it already for more than a month :)

best wishes



thanks catwoman,

it just came over me big time, feel much better now. thanks for kick up bun.

i really needed that. and it done the job, back on road. got my thinking sorted

ready to go to war with this, thank-you...



Hi Alan

Have just read you post and can't believe that we are having the same feelings, I haven't really had that many craves along the way which I thought was a bit weird as in previous attempts to quit have almost pulled off my limbs!!! but these last few days I have thought of cigs almost every minute of the day and having arguments with myself, deep down I know I don't want one but why am I soooo miserable , perhaps I'm just a moody cow with or without the ciggs lol!!!!

I have been cleaning today also with loud funky music playing which has helped, hope you get through today will be thinking of you....

Quit date, 17-3-2008

1 blip of a puff


thanks Della,

feel a lot better now. afternoon not been so bad. just have to put up with

craving. hope the time will come soon when they will just stop. untill then

will keep going. still an non-smoker, thanks for helping:)



Hi Alan

Glad that your craving has passed mine too.... I'm not really on any kind of programme as such, I chew about 3 pieces of nicotine chewing gum a day but worry of becoming addicted to those!!!!

I'm starting to see a pattern with my craves they are definately worse of the weekends than in the week, perhaps its because we are much too busy to think about them, whats your views?


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