No Smoking Day

Hello quiters!

This is my first time in a forum but, as I have stopped smoking today I thought "misery love's company..". I know this is a good move for me and last night I felt really positive about stopping smoking but, I'm at that stage already when I'm trying hard to distract myself- which isn't easy, considering that I have a nicotine patch on my back that is really itchy at time times and as some who is used to smoking roll-ups, I now have to resort to peeling labels of bottles and jars. As you can imagine, my wife is going to be annoyed when she returns from work and she can't tell the difference between the soup and the cat food because the labels are neatly folded into triangles and piled on top of the table.

Anyway, its nice to know that some where out there there are people who may be going through the same symptoms and experiences as me, if so I'ld like to hear from you.

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**waves!** Hello!!! Welcome! I'm not peeling labels off jars, but I have gone through some weird times in my quit!!

Just to say.. good luck and hang in there.. the best things in life aren't easy!! Hold on tight, keep strong minded and come on here for support, it's a damn good form of NRT if ya sticker on ya back gets too itchy to handle!!


Hello and welcome! :)

I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine! :D


Hi and welcome:)

great decision

I don'tdo the label work - butIcouldopen a shop for sugar free chewin gum

- and if your wife says anything - just tell her that now as you stopped smokingyou could make her a nice present (women like that - believe me I am female:p)

best wishes





Welcome to the funny farm - your first few days are tough but you will get all the support from us lot on here.

Try to think of a stop smoking song, you can't sing and think apparently - there has been some hilarious songs that people came up with.


Boo! :eek: Hello to you. Well done on your decision to quit, and get a few more tins in for the weekend :D I haven't put my DS down for days, been sucking the sylus/pen too, but still smoke free 9 days down the line. Boy getting some cravings today though :mad:


Greetings from sunny Lanzarote:). I'm only four days into this but still hanging on in there and already have found this forum to be supportive and welcoming and already feel SOOO much better than I did on day one.

Label-folding made me smile!

Enjoy your alphabetti spaghetti with peaches tonight!


Hi welcome and congrats on your quit do anything you cant to keep you fingers active im sure your wife will under stand. Things do improve honest the first few days are the worse. Keep posting and keep strong. Linda xxxxxxx


So far, so good..

Thanks to everyone who has replied, I'm still off the tabs but it's been tricky..

It's my day off work and as well as trying to keep my hands busy, I've been trying to unlearn behaviors which would have come naturally as a smoker. For example, the obvious i.e reaching for a tab after a snack, or a drink or a scratch.., then I remember " bloody nicorette patch?!". Or this afternoon when I did the weekly shop and phoned Tess (my wife) to pick me up which, initially I thought " I don't mind waiting, I can have a cigarette. Doh!" so as you've probably guessed that weed addiction crept back again, but I just opened a packet of chewing gum (that I bought from the tobacconist!) and hung around until my lift arrived.

So I'm coming to the end of day one, I hope tomorrow the weed demons forget to look in on me and the hydrocortisone cream puts the itching at bay.

I hope to see you again soon. ;)


If the wife does not understand just tell her there is a sex ban till her attitude changes; Oh hang on that only works if they do it,

You're learning Phil ;)



Hello i am lizzie i too have given up today, going through some dizzy patches where i feel a little spaced out lol, but i am hanging on in there! I am also on patches. We can do it! Hello to everyone :)



Thank you Phil yes i am hanging on in there lol! :)


Thank you everyone for your kind support cause i sure do need it lol. Good luck to everyone too from a little spaced out lizzie :p


EEEEEKKKKKK!!! I'm on day five and it's FRIDAY and I'm trying to have the same TFIF feeling that I had before! Whole WEEKEND looming ahead of me too that I'm trying not to let freak me out! I guess everyone is feeling the same - which is why I'm here. We can do this together and kick the nicotine monster's ass way up high!

Happy smelly-horrible-disgusting-fag-FREE weekend everyone!


Hiya Pammie. Try to relax - it's the WEEEEEEKEND! Hooray! Just keep on telling yourself it's just another day and take one day at the time. I understand how you feel completely though. The weekends are when I miss smoking the most. I may actually invite a smoking friend round for a cup of tea this weekend to test my power to say no. I HAVE THE POWWWWEEEEEEERRRRR! (I hope :confused: ). Well done Pammie, good to see you are still with us! x


Thank you john and mojo for support i am a bit of a late bird lol, and still hanging on in there. Hope you are doing well too



Hi, welcome and Good Luck Non smokers !!!

Just hang in there and stay strong.

My moto's were:

I must be strong

I want to be free I will be free.

No Retreat No Surrender.

My advice is read read read and understand this horrible beat you are freeing yourself from, the links in my signature are a great help.

!!!!!Good Luck ALL!!!!!!


Hi dusty .. its my first day today as well .hopefully we can all help each other out on here ! i think its great that we have something like this surely it can only make things easier ! good luck dusty xxx


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