No Smoking Day

I'm still here!

Made it to day 3! I spent yesterday afternoon looking at ghastly images of smoking related illnesses which definitely helped the cravings and reminded me why I am doing this. Yesterday evening not so bad - just ate a lot! This morning my jeans are tighter than they were - maybe they shrunk in the washing machine?!?

Coughed a lot in the night and shouted at my BF before coming to work this morning (hehe - he's being brill actually and just let me do it!). But hey, not smoked so that's the main thing. Feeling like I have a long long way to go but I'm determined to stick with this.

How's everyone else doing?

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In Vikings words: Thats wicked awesome pammy! hahah (I kinda like those two words together...I'm nicking it off him)

Well done for not smoking! Who needs those sticks anyway? No one!

Its great not smoking. Don't you feel great? No more wasting our precious time dragging on an awful stick and inhaling all those nasty fumes into your lungs urrghh ((((lungs)))) Not to mentions heart problems!!! My poor nan died due to a heart attack. She smoked all of her life and I'm scared thats the way I'll go out too due to genes 'n all that. I'm kinda hoping by stopping smoking I'm lessening the odds of that happening. Mind, we all got to go somehow don't we? lol

Anyway, its great you're not smoking. One more to add to the non smoking army!


Hey there Pammie, fairplay to reaching day 3 . You have a lot to be proud of. Definetly agree. Why Quit is great and some of those vids are enough to make the cravings go away. I'm on day 8 now and feeling ok. Had a few cravings last night but posted on here and talked things through with my husband. I feel calmer about things the longer the quit goes on, and making an attempt not to pick at food that could expand my waist! AC reckons you can lose weight when quitting. Has anyone on here actually managed to acheive weight loss whil quitting? I'm sure he lost nearly 2 stone didn't he? x


I think I can say with total conviction that I will NOT be one of those who lose weight whilst quitting! Think my dog will though - she's going to be super fit soon. I've armed myself with carrots, juice, water, apples etc today and the cookie jar has been put in the vault. Still worst come to the worst I'd rather eat than smoke so I won't beat myself up if I just happen to make a big fat sandwich!

Better get some work done. Trouble is I work for myself so I'm having to exercise more self-discipline than usual - eek.

Have a good day everyone!



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