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No Smoking Day
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My reason for quitting,

I was browsing one night on the BBC website now im not normally one that reads healthy living stuff i tend to make my own decisions whats good for me or not,

I did read this link and thought to myself get a grip you stupid fool you are killing yourself i smoked my last cigarette that night and its one of the best moves i ever did.


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I read the article and its encouraging news.

However, I have one 'gripe'. Not with the article as such, just 'life'...the article talks about longevity/living longer so I put to you, why do we have to live those 'extra years' being old? Why can we not at least enjoy 'middle age' longer? Hell, if we're gonna push the boat riiiiiiiiight out, why can we not have a longer youth?! LOL Why are we doomed to live those extra years being old when we are not as energetic as we were in our youth. Its not fair :rolleyes: Besides, we look better when we are younger! Its all messed up I'm telling ya.


Hey Phil, I was referring more to 'old age'. Why can't life work out that old age only accounts for about 10% or less of our lives! ggrrr Hell, 5%!! Then, we can live more whilst in our middle age or better yet, our youth! :D


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