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why I quit

My son is 16 he's been nagging me to give up, then he came out with the real reason why he wanted me to stop, " mam I don't want to loose you, I want you around in my life as long as possible" his friends mum had died last year from a smoke related illness. How could I not quit. Every day I get a pack on the back and he takes time out to ask how I'm doing dispite the fact I've been sharp with him at times, he understands why that is, he just smiles and that's my reason for giving up, to be with my kids as long as I can

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That's a very good reason to stay stopped, and it sounds like your son won't be following in your smoking footsteps, which is really great.:)

You're doing really well .... sleeping OK now?

Onwards and upwards.


Hi Cooper - good luck on your quit. I wished I had listened to my son all those years ago (but I didn't:o). So now I am doing this so I can see my grandchildren grow up. It has taken me just over 40 years to come to my senses regarding the dreaded weed and I am soooo glad I took the plunge.

Onwards & Upwards as they say:)


Why quit

I'm coming up to 6 weeks now, I'm pleased I quit, but it aint easy I have been harsh to live with at times but it's getting better. Don't miss standing in the back yard for a smoke, especially when it's cold.:D


Well done you - I don't miss going outside for a cig at work now either. Oh but can't you smell it from those that do! Ugh:eek:


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