No Smoking Day
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Team 17 are we ready?

Mornin team!

(and anyone else who made it this far)

How do we all feel as we head into week 3!!??

I am very excited. I feel like the worst has passed and everyday gets easier. I haven't had a drink yet mind you. Plus! Not much stress in my life unless you count the fact that I moved house two weeks ago and my stuff is in boxes everywhere (what - so i'm lazy)

It's been a funny fortnight and work took some getting used to, I kept wanting to walk out to the smoking area and back just for the old routine.

Oh well, congrats to everyone for making it this far. :D

You lot in week 3 - move over and make some room :p

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Im still here and ready for week 3. Finding it loads easier now. Even joined a Gym and that makes me feel loads better when ive been there for an hour and half.

Bouht some herbal fags for the weekend, just incase! Would rather smoke one of them than a proper ciggie. So bring on the birthday celebrations!

Ive also bought the allen carr book for women, havent had chance to read it yet, but will do this week.

Hope everyones ok and that team 17 is still going! Well Done WKD xx


That's great! You struggled so much at the start and we're all so proud of you!!

My sis bought that book too, i'll probably get it after her. It's making her want to stop, like the original one did for me. You'll feel great when you read it coz you've already stopped.

I'm going back to my film. Overboard with Goldie Hawn is on and i'm laughing my ass off. Just popped in to see who was 'ere.

Wkd :D


Still here, but only just! It seems to be getting more difficult for me! Still smoke free...and proud of it!

Anyway, looking forward to moving in to the new room.

Well done to everyone. Keep up the great work.


Sorry to hear that Allan, remember that tomorrow ia another day and hopefully you will feel differently.

You know that no-one wants to smoke, look at the reasons you want a cigarette and then see what you will get out of it if you have that puff- nothing but disappointment.

You should go over to or some of the sites on antifags sig and see if that can't put things into perspective.

Good Luck Allan :)


Have had such a good day only had two chewing gums today and am now thinking about it less and less, well today its been like that!!! lol

I've just had a roast dinner with half glass of red wine and will keep busy now until much later on, ironing, washing girls hair, getting ready for a busy week etc etc and then sit down about 9pm with another glass of red.

Am looking foward to this week, am really busy with work etc and feel that i'm more determined with this quit now than ever before.

No sure who had the link now for the video about the smoke inside the palmolive bottle but for anyone contemplating having just one puff, should watch that video......

I wish everyone the best of luck as we are going into week 3, it should get easier now????;)


That's great news Della :)

Have a glass of vino for me, i'm still chicken and know I would be either gasping and pining or else smoking:eek: if i had wine tonight.

I've decided to kick the booze for a month and see how healthy I am at the end of it.

Keep it up team, you make me so proud *gushes* lol


Well done you for going a whole month without vino!!!

I used to have nearly a bottle most nights but it has been on my mind to cut this down so giving up smoking is doing me both favours as a bottle of wine lasts me at least 2-3 nights now as I must not have more than 2 glasses or my want for a ciggie might come back although after friday night i'm so convinced it wont and mores to the point I don't want to ever smoke again...

We have been talking to each other on these forums for 2 weeks now and I thought it would be nice if we got to know a lttle about one another, not compulsory !!!! I will start the ball rolliing.

I am a mum to 2 girls aged 8 and 11 and am married to a ex smoker of 7 years (we gave up together, I lasted 2 days and he lasted 7 years). I live not far from Bristol and have my own business selling silver jewellery which I have been doing for 3 years now, which I love. I've recently done a reiki course am doing Indian Head Massage later on this year and have been busy painting my spare room this weekend as turning it into a therapy room.

This was mainly my reason for giving up smoking as I felt a bit of a hyprocrite for smoking and then learning a course which is all about removing the toxins from your body!!!!

There, could go on and on and on but I will let someone else have a go!


Good to know all that Della ;)

I'm 28, no babies, live in lover i've been with for over four and a half years. I work in an office and live just outside Belfast :eek:

My boyfy smokes but it doesn't bother me, i would like him to stop but he will in his own time.

I'm into reflexology etc so good luck with your course and new job. How cool is that??


Hiya Team 17

I'm still smoke free and looking forward to week 3. I have already put my £35 in my money box for the week. Total amount is £105!!!!! Still have the occasinal thought but it's the 'I could murder a fag right now' only happens when I am reminded thou. Allan, keep going one day at a time, I'm sure it will get easier. I'm also getting abit more snappy I think as well, so the other half keeps reminding me. Anyway, congrats to the team and hope to speak tomoz.


Good idea della, its nice to know a bit more bout the team rather than who's craving etc! So my turn....

Im 25 next week and I live with my partner of 4 years and our daughter who is 18 months old in West Yorkshire. I work full time as a payroll administrator and my partner is a full time refridgeration engineer and works all over the country. He has gone to work this morning and wont be home till Sat!

Dont have any hobbies or anything like that cos I just dont have time. Unless I can now call the gym an hobbie? God thats Sad!


Good idea della, its nice to know a bit more bout the team rather than who's craving etc! So my turn....

Yeah, up until now we've known each others crave patterns but nothing else, how self involved are we LOL

It's nice knowing more about who we're talking to, such a great support network.

I don't really have any hobbies either Dee, unless you count online poker, reading crime thrillers and chick lit and cleaning!!

Anyone else from the team wanna elaborate....?


hi tracy and welcome


You are very welcome. Inspiring little place is this...

see you've quit for nearly three weeks! What method are you usuing and how do you find it?

What date did you quit?

Why am I asking all these questions? I should be in bed....


tracy, you can be in our team if you want or not (they are a noisy unruly bunch who you can't take anywhere)

Goodnight everyone, see you in week 3, sleep tight x


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