No Smoking Day
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Started again first 24 nearly done, tired!


So i have started all over again , had my last and final cig at 7 pm last night so nearly 24 hrs done. I have decided to go cold turkey , last time i used patches and i think they made the craves worse. So far had a few minor craves the only real issue i have had today is real tiredness , been asleep 3 times so far today , not so great considering its half term and 4 kids at home.

I am currently listening to joels videos which is cool ,,,, the extreme tiredness i have worked out is down to low blood sugar , a cig sends you blood sugar up in 70 secs when it gets low (ouch) food takes 30/40 mins so for the first 3 days tiredness is extremely likely.

The only one i have not found is stomach ache..........not major does crampy!

Is this a quit smoking thing


All going well and i hope it stays this well

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I was really tired for a while, amongst other things. Hated the patches.

Well done


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