No Smoking Day

Day 15! Woo!

Hi All,

Hope everyone is still doing well. Will have a quick catch up around the forum later. Haven't been in the forum much over the last few days.

Am on Day 16 and feeling great!

Have a question though - I am on NRT patches and have found that they have not been sticking well. I made it through the last 2 days without a patch on at all. I have found the last two days no different to those when I had a patch on and wonder if I should not bother with the patches anymore??

There is still a large amount of will power needed even with patches and I feel I have enough of this to stay stopped.

What are people's thoughts? I am confident at present but at the same time I don't want to get complacent and cocky and think I've cracked it when maybe I haven't and really should have continued with the patches.

Obviously I did start on 21mg patches and haven't done the 14 mg ones at all.

Would appreciate your thoughts

Sam x

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Well done Sam !:) Day 15 Yeah! :)

I am not the person to advise you on this though - only you know if you feel strong enough to go the distance CT now.

However, when I used patches, I remember I couldn't use any kind of moisturiser where I wanted the patch to go, if the skin was oily at all then the patch wouldn't stick

I have been quit for 1 Month, 1 Week, 17 hours, 6 minutes and 15 seconds (36 days). I have saved £183.55 by not smoking 734 cigarettes. I have saved 2 Days, 13 hours and 10 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 17/02/2008 22:00


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