No Smoking Day
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roll on tomorrow,


we start another week. im lucky im off all this week. useing holidays up

before end of march... well team by tomorrow we have made the 2 weeks

mark, some days been hard for me. but now dont care about smoking. feel

very please with myself. and so should you all. its was only with your help

and kind up-building words that got me here now. oh and some will-power also

so thank-you all very much. and lets keep up with helping all ours new friends

coming along. see you all later,


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Hi Alan

A new room 2morrow for us.

I was wondering how many of Team D-Day are still with us.

I hope they are all doing well.

I have felt nothing for the last 5 days. I can`t say I want a fag and I can`t say I don`t want a fag.:confused: It`s like this is how it is mean`t to be.

I`m not overjoyed i have given up or overjoyed to think that I could have one.

It`s really strange.

Barb x


Thanks mojo-jojo

I have never experienced this with any previous quits.

I glad someone understands me.

I`m hoping that the want for a fag dosn`t return but the excitment of not smoking does.

Thanks again

Barb x


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