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Day 16

Hi All,

Stopped 16 days ago and decided to go cold turkey this time as had done every type of NRT without any real success. I've been really surprised how far I have come as I smoked for twenty years without any real beaks. The main reason for me to stop was like many here my kids. I'd become horribly aware of my mortality and quite paranoid about my health, so much so that I had a full on panic attack, which I've never had before. Had some medical check ups and seemed normal though am awaiting a date for an ultrasound for my heart.

Main physical problems I have had were insomnia, stomach problems and feeling lightheaded alot of the time. Do others get this as well ?

I've found the real struggle is with the psychological side of things. There are days when I feel empty and unable to gather the enthusiasm to do anything. I see alot of other posters talk about depression and anxiety so think I'm just getting some myself !

Have to say that this website has kept me going a few times when I was ready to break and I'd like to thank everyone as I wouldn't have got this far without the advice available here.

Hope everyone is doing ok.

Best wishes,


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Hi Andy,

Yes, the depression side of it is hard. Seems to effect some more than others.

I remember thinking it was just so unfair...after all, I'd been good and seemed to be getting kicked in the backside for my trouble...I didn't stop smoking to get depressed...I stopped to STOP being depressed (which I think smoking does by allowing lots of traumatic stuff to linger around cos the fags provide a smokescreen for it - har har).

I had a rather odd run up to finally quitting this time - and I DO believe this time it's final...cos I was sort of half-quitting for months before. I got to know the withdrawal symptoms really well through travelling in and out of nicotine use. I got actually physically cold - needed lots of sleep - and felt miserable. This time it's been much less pronounced....and it does let up after about 10 days, for me.

7 weeks today for yours truely...and getting better each day. Now to quit the NRT!

Best of luck with your quit...I find it helps loads to get posting when there's a barrier comes up!



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