No Smoking Day

It's quiet on here

It's been very quiet on here over the Easter weekend. I guess everyone does this at work normally!

Went out over Easter and realised that I don't miss smoking when I go for a drink with other non-smokers but do when I'm at home with the OH who does smoke (outside). Otherwise things are going really well. Is anyone else doing the sponsership thing that came with the No Smoking Day pack? I am but haven't seen anyone else mention it. Initially it was for a week but I was told by friends that unless I did it for a month they wouldn't sponser me. Obviously I don't plan on taking up smoking again in a months time.

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good morning

good morning, well done are you using ntr? keep up the good work Jimbo


Yes. 24h patch which is still giving me some weird dreams but not as many as it did when I first started using it. It takes the edge off the cravings but it's still down to willpower.


Yes. I'm raising money for a local hospice. Most people are sponsering me 25p a day. It's quite an incentive.


It seems that not many people got the No Smoking Day pack... :D

As the theme of NSD this year was The Great Challenge to stop for a week, there was a sponsorship form included to find sponsors for that week.

I got the sponsorship form but as I was planning for reasons of my own to keep my quit fairly low key, I decided not to bother trying to find sponsors, although I have sponsored a few others online.

Tamla, if you could give details of the hospice you're supporting I'll be happy to send them a donation in your name... (I have loads of cheques left and don't think I'll ever otherwise get to use them up) ;)


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