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i'm still here week 4

Hi all

well I'm here, I've just come back from London a treat from my hubby for coming this far, my family are so pleased for me especially my 16 yeay old son. I have put on 5 or 6LB but I can nip that in the bud ( I think ) bought some skipping ropes, these are to use indoors when the weather is to cold, wet, snowy to go for a walk. Question, does anybody wake up and can taste ciggies because it's happened a couple of times to me today is one of them, I have cut back on the water so that might have been why, not flushing my system so much.

Jill x

PS once again thank you all for your support.

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hi well done you doing great


Hi Cooper,

I read in one site or another that once the cillia (little hairs) in your lungs get unclogged, and you can smell better, then at night the aromatic side of the tar atill down there drifts into your mouth and you can wake up tasting fags.

Might explain it>


PS Well done on your great quit!


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